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Multi billionaire businessman Abig Nwankwo gets support from kinsmen



A multi billionaire businessman Abig Nwankwo has received tremendous support from well wishers in view of his philanthropic disposition and welfare package to the people .

Speaking with newsmen in Uyo on Wednesday , one of the closest partners to the entrepreneur, Mr Eneh John, described Nwankwo as a quiet achiever who does not blow his trumpet.

“Abig Nwankwo does not believe in noise making, and rarely talks about himself.

“I know some persons who know Nwankwo to be of Igbo extraction, but hardly do they know he is from Anambra State.”

He observed that young Millionaires today in Anambra community and beyond were made by Abig Nwankwo, and he has always insisted that he didn’t need publicity for empowering them.

He said despite the status of Nwankwo, the young men he raised in the past have plan to help him conceive intention to contest for election where he can assist his people in public office .

“The 2023 elections will be a political year, so, we are of the opinion that our Mentor and big brother, Abig Nwankwo may step into the ring, even though we do not know what party he may choose.

“We are ready to support him, financially and otherwise, because, he made us who we are today, and so, we must reciprocate that gesture.”Celestine Odigwe said.

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