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Is Defection Nigeria’s Problem?



Richard Peters, UYO

The look-out for defecting stakeholders and big-wigs have become the norm in today’s media dish-out, so much that we get to read of these frivolities daily without recourse to salient developmental trends.

Sadly, we come from and live in a country where so much matters than the defection stories we ache to hear. We live in times where insecurity, banditry, kidnap and its associated crimes are gradually closing-up on us without limitation. The North East, North Central and South East all smell of insecurity while the general plague of economic meltdown, decayed health care and ailing system of education have continued to stare at us in the face.

What then is there to celebrate about one’s selfish defection to cover-up their corruption? What is it about trying to seek immunity from an inglorious act when the law should have its full course? But we see people celebrate defection. We rejoice, anticipate, predict and even calculate defection moves as though the intentions are right.

In reality, every defector who desires a cover-up from their dubious act goes to the APC where assurance has been given that “all sins will be forgiven”. This is therefore the only escape route from all fraudulent activities carried out irrespective of how long such was perpetrated.

But does this solve our problem as a people? The answer is “No”. The essence of governance is proffering solutions to development challenges. Daily, we hear and read of progresses recorded by countries around us in technology, agriculture and other advancement but alas, our major achievement here is defection; the ability of the APC to woo PDP officials to themselves.

When leaders who ought to deliver the dividends of democracy run for cover after years of massive selfish accumulation and rape of communal resources and funds; and their loyalists rejoice rather than ask questions and worry about unfulfilled promises, it only simply means that we are not thinking right or do not know our rights.

Truth is, discussing defection is a waste of time and a misplaced priority because it is not Nigeria’s problem.
Rather than display huge defection banner headlines, we should be made to read that we have recorded major breakthroughs in technology, agriculture, economy, industry and etc. Let’s read of Nigeria sponsoring researches, exporting technology, agricultural input etc just as we do the crude oil.

Let’s stop celebrating those whose conscience have been seared towards us and rather push for profitable discussions which will better our lot. Defection is not our problem.

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