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Jinx Breaker Edet.


The journalism profession has made me traverse unplanned territories, and being rooted with the political history/happenings within the Eket Federal Constituency sphere where Esit Eket Local Government is inclusive, there is no way i won’t disagree with my colleague and brother, Edidiong Udobia, in one paragraph of his trending article, captioned: “Few Wer Sabi And the Others Inside ALGON.”

In that paragraph my brother averred Then, the last pipu. The I cannot coman kill myself students. These ones, to start with, no even know how dem take dey inside school or wetin dem dey find for school. Book, dem no sabi. Expo, dem no get strength. To bribe nko? Dem no dey ever get money. And na dem dey always plenti pass. Inside our ALGON, we get chairmen wer never know how dem take enter the office, and dem no still understand the office sef even as tenure wan finish, but because of long throat, second term follow dey hungry dem, sha. As e be, dem just dey wait for election to come if e go favour dem as e do the first time. If you want write the names of the chairmen wer dey this group, at the bottom of the first page, you go write P.T.O, then continue.

The painted picture above is that of a clueless, selfish and underperforming chairman, who never knew how he became chairman in the first place, nor understands the duties that is bequeathing the office of a Local Government Chairman, with an assumed conclusion that his political future is hanging on the lifeline hopelessly awaiting a miracle.

My grouse of disagreeing with the above-stated paragraph is that these class of men in ALGON, as painted by my colleague, has erroneously in it, the name of Hon. Iniobong Robson Nnamso, Chairman, Esit Eket Local Government Council, which is at variance with the person, character and pedigree of the Esit Eket LG Boss. Mr. Udobia got it really wrong in this inclusion, juxtaposing Mr. Robson alongside others in this category proves that his analysis and categorization in this paragraph was based on instinct, hearsay and not his known ethics of thorough investigation before publication, and possess the need to set the record straight.

I am not from Esit Eket Local Government neither holding brief for Hon. Iniobong Robson, but because i am so abreast with his leadership strides since he mounted the saddle as Chairman, i can speak boldly of the unsung part of Robson’s pragmatic leadership gaits in Esit Eket.

Robson is one leader that is innovative and witted administratively to drive in strict compliance the statutory functions of his office, bringing government to the door steps of the rural dwellers that has allowed the people to enjoy dividends of government and are encouraged to participate in the happenings and actual running of government.

In his principle of building a future that will consolidate on the achievements of today in Esit Eket Local Government, Robson took the investment in EDUCATION as a priority of his administration. His introduction of a yearly bursary scheme to Esit Eket Students and the resuscitation of dead structures in the academic environments, including science and computer laboratories in public schools across the local government, strikes a chord that is similar with the educational policies and programme of the Udom Emmanuels administration, which is to build a sound academic entity, whose students will compete with students all over the world; just like the two students of Northern Annang Secondary School, Utu Etim Ekpo that represented the State and Country respectively in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition.

Going by the growing trend of unemployment and his avowed duties to reduce youths restiveness in an aggrieved oil producing area due to alleged marginalization, Robson plough the path of human capacity development. He embraced the development of skills through vocational training in petroleum and allied fields, like safety, rigging, fitting, scaffolding, industrial welding, firefighting. Deep sea diving, etc. This he did preparing the teeming youths ahead of job openings to bridge the gap in required certified personnel for IOCs as enshrined in the Local Content Law.

Esit Eket people are working in different Oil Companies operating within the territorial waters of the local government, this is made possible because the council helmsman had placed a caveat No Selling of Jobs rather, accrued jobs are shared between the different villages.

Mr. Robson is one of the Chairmen, whose pursuit to deliver a sound and healthy environment for legislative duties has spurred him to design, construct to completion, a 2 storey Legislative Chamber with offices, an infrastructure that is considered to be a signature project of his administration, not to talk about the different houses he has built to ameliorate the sufferings of some widows.

Going by the adage, show me your friend and i will tell you who you are, if there is anything truthful about the adage, then Hon. Robson has been exonerated. Edidiong is a friend to the likes of the NUJ Chairman, Comrade Amos Etuk, a man that is appreciated by journalist today for his upright and selfless nature, a flank of who Edidiong is, Robson can’t be a friend of Hon. Frank Archibong, who is reloading because of his generosity and kind disposition, and not be a humanitarian. I make bold to say that in Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Frank Archibong and Hon. Iniobong Robson are the biggest givers in ALGON. Men you encounter and ask your own chairman what is happening, no other has the heart to give in that measure. Just because Robson is silent in his achievements and kind nature, doesnt mean he has no scorecard or hasn’t impacted lives to suit his office and person.

I understand Edidiong Udobia’s knack to churn out the best from political office holders, whether elected or appointed. I know his quest to see those with the mandate wear their thinking caps often and improve to avoid repetition of errors nor creation of new ones, and his consistency in beckoning for innovations that will modernize existing policies, programs of governments for the betterment of the people, but in doing that, I implore that feelers alone on social media and from a few other people, who might be an enemy of the person in question, should not formulate a conclusion on issue based articles, rather that investigative part of the job should be imbibed for truthful conclusions.

As for Robson’s re-election, God alone sits on the throne and decides who leads and governs, Robson has a political history that is not known to so many and also has a connection with his people they don’t still know. Politics is about the people’s decision, its tenets of play never changes, meaning the people makes the decision, so Esit Eket people will decide when the times is due. I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring others ridicule, rather than be false, and incur my abhorrence just as Frederick Douglas puts it.

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