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The newly inaugurated Executives of EKID PEOPLES UNION (EPU) have promised to be the leading voice of Ekid people, with intent to create avenues and platforms where the yearnings of the people will be met and their challenges mitigated.

The President General, Dr. Samuel Udonsak, in a media parley with journalist in Eket on Saturday, confirmed the need to strengthen policies, procreate strategies and forge a synergy between the people, the government for the betterment of the polity.

Udonsak stated that since the inauguration of the Exco, they have been consulting widely and dialoguing with stakeholders over very critical issues bothering on the development of Ekid in other to formulate an agenda that will drive his administration.

“What we have done since inauguration is widal consultations. It will help in the formulation of agenda that will drive my administration”

He noted that people weren’t aware of the activities of EPU despite the Herculean task conferred on them as a renowned sociocultural group that speaks for Ekid people hence, the reason he is calling for partnership with the media.

Udonsak, a one-time Governorship aspirant emphasized that Ekid, just like every other people are greeted with problems that are generalistic and peculiar in nature, which puts EPU’s leadership in a state of responding to all the problems despite it’s magnitude.

“Ekid like every other people has a generalistic problem and as well the peculiar ones, so we the incoming executives has to procreate strategies of mitigating them” he added.

He said the synergy he seeks with the people is to realize a united Ekid, where everyone irrespective of how highly placed will have a common stand on issues and speak in a unified voice for serious impact in the society.

Speaking on the incessant agitation for the establishment of Core Oil and Minerals Community Development Commission, Udonsak stated that the union will make their stand known after due consultations with a centralized stakeholders across the Federal Constituency.

However, Udonsak stated that the union will not in any where antagonize government in their agitations, but will use dialogue and proper engagement to achieve their wants.

He called on all sons and daughters of Ekid nation to be a part of Eket’s development by sharing ideas in a manner that will encourage government to work.

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