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Exclusive facts emerging, indicate that there is a high level plot from some elements in the Presidency to victimize judges who presided in the Akwa Ibom State just concluded election petitions tribunals.

A very reliable source hinted that the judges, having failed to cooperate with the so called authorities to deliver skewed judgements in support of the defeated APC candidates in Akwa Ibom, have been penciled for a commando-style operations that will embarrass and hound them off their career.

“I am not sure when, but it might be very soon, and they want the same treatment that was meted on some supreme court judges some few months ago, with money planted in their homes or on their trusted associates, so that they could easily be implicated”, a source told our reporter.

Investigations reveal that the plan is for them to be set up, harassed and vilified, as they are seen as “insensitive demons who had the guts to despise the system by refusing to cooperate despite all the offers.”
A former Governor in one of the North-Eastern states in Nigeria, currently serving his third term in the Senate, was a front line used by the federal government to broker dialogue with the tribunal panel.

It is believed that he and others involved in the plot to cajole the tribunal judges, may have informed the series of petitions by APC in Akwa Ibom for the tribunal panel to be relocated from Akwa Ibom to Abuja, where they had perfected plans to overwhelm the judiciary eggheads.

Recall that the opposition had cited security concerns among others, as reason they wanted the relocation of the panel from Uyo, but the APC’s claim was rebuffed by the tribunal Chairman, Justice A. M. Yakubu and his colleagues in the Legislature Elections Petition tribunal, as they maintained that Akwa Ibom was peaceful.

It was learnt that these judges were offered whooping sums of money and other incentives, including career advancements and other packages which they allegedly rejected and went on to give rulings that have swept the mat completely off the feet of the opposition in Akwa Ibom.

According to our source, the plan was for Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Delta to be ‘captured’ at all cost by the APC in the Governorship elections, as the states were seen as the sources of strength to the PDP in Nigeria.

While Rivers appeared a tough nut to crack, Akwa Ibom with the duo of Godswill Akpabio and Nsima Ekere, had been seen as a sure bet that could easily be captured in three hours in a manner akin to the Hitler invasion of Poland.

However with the fallout from the tribunals, the coming weeks might open up the room for further desecration of the judiciary, as there are indications of a systematic intimidation against the judges and members of their family by security agencies.

Also fingered in the plot against the judges, is a serving governor in one of the South Western States who is barely a year in office.

He is said to have been directed to make sure one of the judges who hails from his state is frustrated and humiliated from office, by being denied his entitlements and also being investigated for any slight fault that could be blown out of proportion.

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