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Re: Itam Youths Responsible for Darkness in A’Ibom Statement



I thought about it and I knew PHED was upto no good with this intentional blackout! Imagine the untold hardship they have meted out to innocent Akwaibomites! How sad it is that we are suffering for PHED’s inefficiency!

The press release issued this evening by one John Onyi portrays the crass inepititude of the current PHED’s management and its operations in Akwa Ibom.

Imagine the lacklustered scribblings of a Corporate Communications Manager, who ordinarily, should be burying his face in shame like a shy Ostrich, for PHED’s failure to provide service to Akwa Ibom people who they dupe repeatedly and heavily with over-estimated bills.

His release titled “Itam Youth Responsible for Darkness in Akwa Ibom” is the silliest release I’ve read in recent times and that release is either circulated on social media to mock him or done so by a bunch of hungry youths who would click “share” without going through the content of a write-up.

Itu people peacefully went to PHED office along Edet Akpan Avenue to protest poor services given to them by PHED and not the power generating or transmission station. Does PHED generate or distribute power at Edet Akpan Business Office?

These PHED guys are so ridiculous! So one Ubong Akpan came to coerce PHED into giving him contracts and PHED didn’t report to security agencies? Are you kidding me?

Attempting to use this man-made blackout to blackmail ITU youths is childish and this strategy has failed already! Believe me, in the coming days, more customers, even from the security agencies all over Akwa Ibom, are storming your office to demand for better services and improved power supply. Nigerians will demand quality service commensurate to the billions they pay for such services to be offered to them! The Itu experience is just a tip of the iceberg!

You cannot use incoherent babbles to cover up for your inefficiency! No! That’s not what you are paid to do!

Itu people came to your office because they are aware of the huge investment made by the Governor Udom Emmanuel-led administration towards the resuscitation of the substation at Afaha Ube Itam, which was gutted by fire, hence, their peaceful call on you to give them improved service.

You should have listened to the people and apologize to them, and reassure them of better services from PHED. After all, their placards didn’t carry a message asking you to give contracts to any Itu son or daughter but to give them improved power!

The best you could have done was to come out and talk to the already aggrieved and heartbroken customers of yours from Itu. Calm them down, listen to their complains, take note of the affected areas and tell them exactly what their problems are and how solutions can be proffered within the shortest possible time, not this childish games of inciting the people against them via a rickety and disjointed press release.

For your information, the former MD of PHEDC, Mr. Jon Abas (photo below), was a personal friend. I know about the value chain in the power sector and most Itu people do too! We know what inefficiency looks like when we see one and believe me, you have displayed it in its highest form.

If your customers demand better service and you take it for a threat, there’s something absolutely wrong with you!

You are calling on the relevant government functionaries especially the security agencies to [step in and advise] not [to arrest] Ubong Akpan and his group. You should have asked security agencies to arrest them since they did something bad!

For your information, here are the demands of Itu people, with the presence of two major transmission stations in the area;

1. Connect the 19 villages in West Itam who are using either individual billings or prepaid meters to Afaha Ube Itam Transmission station.
2. PHED should do proper Enumeration in Itu to be metered by the new company that the Federal Government brought in for metering.
3. PHED should overhaul the entire workforce in the state from the management to the least contractor on the grounds of gross incompetence and fraud.
4. We hereby request that the Federal Government should allow Akwa Ibom State to have an Independent DISCO since we also Generate power to Distribute in the state.

You better forget about your flimsy excuses, restore power to Akwaibomites, apologize for your inefficiencies and turn over a new leaf.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Aniekan James Ekah
Afaha Ube Itam

Click link below to read PHED’s Press Release


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