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The defeated and rejected former Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio is back to his devious and boastful ways. Exclusive information made available to our reporters say Akpabio is using fake photographs purported to represent imaginary violent situation in the State in order to have the venue of the Election Tribunal moved from Uyo, the State Capital to Abuja. The fake pictures are said to have been manufactured by his devious cohorts.

The disgraced senator is also reported to be boasting all over the place that he will singlehandedly influence the outcome   of judgement when the case gets to the Court of Appeal. “I have already received the assurance from the husband of the President of the Court of Appeal, my dear brother and our party-the APC Senator-Elect for Bauchi North Senatorial District, Alhaji Adamu Bulkachuwa that he will prevail on the wife, Justice Zainab Adamu Bulkachuwa to change the tribunal members and ensure that only those who are sympathetic to the APC will be made members of the tribunal. As I speak, I have the names of those who would be made members of the tribunal and President Buhari is aware of this” Akapbio was said to have boasted to several people.

The question remains: when will Akpabio realize that he was rejected and beaten fair and square? When will Akpabio know that the people of Akwa Ibom State have made their choice and the choice was done at the polls that were adjudged to be the freest and most credible and transparent election ever conducted in the State? Why is Akpabio playing with the destiny and the will of Akwa Ibom people, when the people have spoken and made their choices known as to those they prefer to lead them?

Akwa Ibom State is the most peaceful State in the nation. It is a known fact that throughout the electioneering campaigns and the election proper, no single life was lost. In spite of the intimidation and harassment from security agencies, the people were civil and resolute in ensuring that they voted for the candidates of their choice. Manufacturing fake pictures purported to depict violence during the election is the high of desperation and hypocrisy and the world must be put on notice.

Akpabio is at it again! After boasting that the elections will be conducted in mere three hours and that he will deliver the state to APC and indeed the South South, he is again boasting of ensuring the outcome of the judgement at the Appeal Court level. He is boasting of using the APC Senator –Elect for Bauchi North Senatorial District, Alhaji Adamu Bulkachuwa whose wife, Zainab is the President of the Court of Appeal to not only have only Justices who are sympathetic to the APC , but that he will singlehandedly influence the judgement in favour of the APC.  As always, he has thrown the name of President Buhari into the equation,
Godswill Akpabio should be humbled by his defeat and rejection by his people and stop playing God. Akwa Ibom people have made their choice; he should and MUST respect the choices the people had made.

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