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APC and their high level of insanity: Who did this to them?



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There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking. —William James. This we’ve seen that instead of our brothers in the other political divide, APC forming a picture of how to be responsible citizens thereby contributing immensely towards the building and progress of our State, they’re all forming a picture of how they could be used as destructive tools against the State. This character is a true replication of people with the spirit of insanity, this means that APC Chieftains in Akwa Ibom State have gone mad.

Few months before the February 23rd and March 9th 2019 general elections, APC chieftains in Akwa Ibom State had boasted on how they’ll win the State for the APC three hours after the commencement of the elections, but the reverse was the case during the Presidential and National Assembly elections on Saturday February 23rd 2019. While the Presidential and National Assembly elections ended by 6pm same date, results were collated and announced. Surprisingly to the world, it took INEC three days to announce Senator Akpabio’s Senatorial election result which at last, he lost woefully as a political learner: Three hours had turned to three days.

During the March 9th election, APC experienced the worst setback in the history of the State’s politics. Nsima Ekere upon his hiring of sailors and Militants in conjunction with security agents from the Federal Government failed the election woefully, he even lost in his Ward and Local Government.

For the sake of setting the records straight, let it be noted that on the eve of the March 9th Governorship and State House of Assembly elections, it was rumoured that Nsima Ekere who was also the APC Guber Candidate had convened a meeting between the Police Commissioner, APC chieftains and officials of INEC at his Ewet Housing residence. He promised to disbursed about $5000 dollars to all the electoral officers after the election but then, he gave them a physical cash of $1500 each. On paying them this sum, election materials were brought from Abuja through the help of the APC National Chairman, Mr. Adams Oshiomole. The ballot papers were thumb printed, signed, sealed and stamped by the INEC Officials who were under oath to protect the interest of Mr. ONE but as God will always do it, the INEC Officials for the respective Local Government Areas were changed six hours after the purported meeting. This is to say that about $576000 had missed road.

As shameless as they are, they’ve swore not to accept defeat and have implored all tactics toward deceiving the innocent citizens of the State.This, they branded an old Hilux with a fake INEC plate number filled with thump printed materials where they claimed the vehicle was conveying APC deprived votes to be disposed in a river. This is a reasoning of the lowest mentality, it’s only lunatics that would reason this way. Who bewitched them?


Although a lot of people are aware of the APC’s antics but for the sake of clarity, it’s pertinent that no stone should be left untouched and hence, a need to expose their Satanic plan to dent the image of the present AKS INEC REC, Barr. Mike Igini prior to the just concluded Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly elections.

Immediately after the Saturday’s election, Obong Nsima Ekere saw that he was losing the election, he hurriedly called Senator Akpabio, Senator Ita Enang, Arch Bishop Samuel Akpan, Obong Umana Umana, Don Etiebiet, Eseme Eyibio, John Udoedeghe and Don Etim for a meeting in his Ewet Housing residence at 6:15pm. Since they knew that their sailors, combined forces from the Federal Might have failed them, they brought out an idea to create an INEC plate number which they would use to bring in confusion after the announcement of the election result. Umana Umana volunteered to offer his old white Hilux he got in 2004 during his era as the Commissioner of Finance under Obong Victor Attah.

This white Hilux was taken to Mkpat Enin where one Mr. Nseabasi Anyanime helped them in manipulating the plate number. Because they had all lost their sanity due to their high level of tramadol intake, they stupidly zoomed away with the new branded and acclaimed INEC vehicle, paying Mr. Nseabasi a whooping sum of N2.1m which he also promised them never to leak the secret. But is it still a secret today?

Because they were left with no other option than to prove Mr. Igini’s insincerity during the last concluded elections so the elections could be cancelled in the State, they got the authentic election materials given them by Mohammed Sani Musa, the Director of Activate Technologies Limited who was also the APC Senatorial Candidate for Niger East. This, they thump printed APC in all the ballot papers, drove the Hilux from Eastern Obolo till when the car crashed somewhere in Abak by 5:12pm today, and the election materials got scattered everywhere on the street. Immediately, men of the Nigerian Police Force drove in, carted away with the materials to the Police station opposite Abak Local Government Secretariat, leaving the acclaimed INEC Officials who as at that moment didn’t sustain any injury. I think the APC deserve some accolades for this. Indeed, American movies have been made realistic in Akwa Ibom State.

After perfecting this plan and striving towards executing it, the APC Chieftains had failed to consider some facts:
1- Were all APC thumprinted ballot papers taken to Eastern Obolo?
If yes, was there any other need for bringing them back?
2- If at all INEC had connived with the PDP to rob APC of the elections, was there any need of transporting such sensitive materials back to Uyo when there are big Rivers in Eastern Obolo, Ikot Abasi, Eket and Ibeno to empty the materials into?
3- During the purported accident, why did the driver of the vehicle had to run, leaving only the unhurt acclaimed workers inside the Hilux?
4- How come men of the Nigerian Police Force showed up immediately after the purported accident? Or were they waiting for the accident to occur or they had dreamt of the accident before its occurrence?

The APC family in Akwa Ibom State has also failed to understand that INEC is a National Agency and every vehicles that have anything to do with INEC must carry a Federal Government plate number, except they’ll have to tell us that Akwa Ibom State owns INEC.

They’ve also failed to understand that INEC does not use open Hilux for conveying of election materials instead, a special covered van is used for that purpose. They’ve also failed to understand that any election materials conveyed from an area to another must be protected by security agencies and the Returning Officer, Presiding Officer and other INEC Officials must be on that entourage.

They can only fool a few people a few times, but never will they be able to fool all the people all the time. Senator Akpabio, Nsima Ekere, Bishop Samuel Akpan, Ita Enang, Don Etiebiet, Eseme Eyibio and their rate of insanity is getting out of hand. They shouldn’t be allowed to walk freely in the street to avoid harming our innocent brothers and sisters. They should be chained before they chain the State.

Umani Uwemedimo is n Activist and Public Affairs analyst, writes this piece from Abak, Akwa Ibom State.

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