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Questions INEC Chairman MUST answer Concerning A’Ibom Gov & State Assembly Polls



*Attention Nigerians*

Questions INEC Chairman MUST answer Concerning A’Ibom Gov & State Assembly Polls.


1. Mr. Chairman, the world wants to know what INEC Deputy Director, ICT Mr. Mba; the Assistant Director ICT, Mr. Paschal; the Deputy Director ICT at INEC Headquarters, Mr Moses were doing at the APC Governorship candidate’s House in Akwa Ibom state on Wednesday, 6th March 2019?

2. If they were posted to Akwa Ibom state for the election, what were they doing in Nsima Ekere’s house with 26 Racktech officers at 10pm?

3. Did you send the three of them to impressed on the 26 returning officers working for INEC to work for APC as well as ask them to cancel any unit won by PDP?

4. Have they reported back to you and declared the $2000 given to each of them after appending their signatures?

5. Are you also aware that Nsima told them that the police and Army are with INEC and even ahead to call the GOC in their presence?

6. Did you release the result sheets and ballot papers that they said that they already have which they will announce to replaced the actual results from the field?

As you ponder on these questions Mr. Chairman sir, Akwa Ibom people want you to also realise that no man can play God. The people will resist any attempt to rig the polls. Please, let the will of the people prevail to avoid anarchy.

_From Concerned citizens of Akwa Ibom State_

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