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The All Progressive Congress in Akwa Ibom State have continued to engage in Electoral fraud as the 2019 governorship election comes close in two days time.


Having failed to have the REC sacked despite all their pressures and wicked lie, two of the Party leaders the Governorship candidate of the Party Mr. Nsima Ekere and his neighbour Obong Umana OKON Umana last night met with ward and Local Government Collation officers.

The meeting which took place at one of the private Parlours of Obong Umana Okon Umana’s palatial residence had Nsima Ekere in attendance.

The meeting which was meant to start at about 9:00pm did not start until late into the night due to the late arrival of some collation officers.

The meeting lasted for about three hours and ended at about 1:20am this morning.

THE INK understands that discussions at the meeting centred on how the collation officers will help the APC rig the ballots this Saturday.

About six of the collation officers who attended the meeting informed that the APC candidate and Obong Umana OKON Umana had took time to try to brain wash the collation officers telling them evil things about Governor Udom Emmanuel.

The duo are said to have mentioned to the collation officers that they should allow every ballot that has APC’s thumbprint to stand.

This particular appeal have further fueled the speculations that APC must have been making some thumbprinting of the ballots somewhere.

Intelligence reports gathered by THE INK indicate that thugs in collaboration with some Policemen and other dishonest police officers including fake policemen sponsored by the APC will create crisis and then smuggle in the already thumbprinted ballots.

The collation officers were however given ten million naira last night for transport with a promise of a million naira each after they would have delivered on their assignments.

This is perhaps why Umana Umana’s loquacious spokesman Iboro Otongaran have been boasting on the pages of the Social media that APC will win.

Meanwhile, the INEC REC have since read a riot act to his officials saying anybody involved in electoral malpractice shall be severely dealt with in accordance with the law of the land.

Sources in Umana Umana’s House say, the ex SSG allowing himself to be used for inordinate plots against Akwa Ibom people is sickening.

They maintained that Umana allowing and offering his House for a wicked media propaganda meeting against the Governor and now he has allowed the use of his House for a meeting with collation officers still to plot evil against the people is not only bad but satanic.

Meanwhile, Umana OKON Umana’s security cameras must have captured the collation officers who attended that meeting and in the case of a leak, collation officers would have bitten off more than they can chew.

As we move to voting on Saturday, please guard your votes jealously.

Resist APC and their antics of evil machinations. It is well with Akwa Ibom State.


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