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Emir condemns Muslims over bomb attacks on churches, mosques 



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 His Highness, the Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhammad Sanusi II, has condemned minority of Muslims over bomb attack on churches and mosques in the country.
HH Alhaji Mohammed Sanusi 11, Emir of Kano

HH Alhaji Mohammed Sanusi 11, Emir of Kano

Sanusi made the remarks while commissioning Eket Central Mosques at Ebana community in Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom on Friday.
“We live in a world in which a small minority of Muslims has taken it upon itself to unleash violence on the rest of humanity,” Sanusi said.

Muslims in the newly commissioned Mosque in Eket.


Sanusi described the minority of the Muslims who go about bombing churches and mosques as “ill informed, uneducated and political activists.
According to him,  it is unfortunate because they use the name of Islam, which has led to some misunderstanding across the world in the religion.

Pst. Umoh Eno, MD/CEO Royalty Group.

“Some of this misunderstanding is a deliberate misrepresentation. How do you attribute to the religion of Islam.
“A Muslim who came to a mosque and people are praying on Friday and they are praying Allah Wakuba and he says Allah Wakuba and explodes bomb and killed his people,” Sanusi condemned.
He said, “that the whole basics for taking up arms in Islam was against a system that stops you from being a Muslim, persecutes you, kills you and criminalises you from being a Muslim and to established a system that frees you”.
He expressed hope and prayed that all community in Nigeria would accept the diversity of the country, respect the diversity and be the good neighbour and keepers of their brothers and sisters.
The Emir said that people should take responsibility to learn about their religion and bring up their children in a manner they understand the teaching of peace, tolerance and love that are the heart of Islam.
“We need to teach them that there is nothing in Islam that permits a Muslim to commit an injustice against a fellow Muslim or non Muslim.
“Those who do not raised war against you because of your faith, those who do not persecutes you or chase you out of your homes, Allah does not stop you from being kind to them and doing justice to them”.
He noted that there was no provision for Muslims to go and attack churches and Mosques in the country.
He said that people that are attacked and persecuted are people that have no crime rather than saying “our Lord is God.”
He appealed to Muslim to always respect the traditions, culture and religion of their host community while urging the Muslim not to do anything that would alienate the community.
Responding, His Majesty Obong Etim Abia, the Paramount Ruler of Eket welcomed the Emir of Kano, His Highness Mallam Muhammad Sanusi II for finding time to visit the area.
He described the event as auspicious, saying that today was a remarkable day for the people of the community.
Abia represented by Chief Inim Ekanem, Village Head of Afaha Eket said that the mosques would bring unity between the Muslims and Christians in the community.

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