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The revelations by Sen Godswill Akpabio and his dear wife to Mr. Nsima Ekere on how they conspired to remove him as Deputy Governor some years back and subsequently aborted his governorship ambition is the most interesting part of this Akwa Ibom 2019 drama. But there are two things they didn’t tell Nsima.

The first is that the said conspiracy wasn’t the product of Senator and Mrs Akpabio. From all indications it seemed a divine conspiracy for which they were mere tools in the hands of God. The first reported conspiracy in the Bible was that of the family of Isaac for which his second son Jacob was the beneficiary at the expense of Esau. We all know the story. But what most people don’t know was that the conspiracy was destined, it was in God’s Plan that it would happen that way. The conspiracy which become manifest in Gen 27:6-29 was already predicted in Gen 25:23.

Therefore the Akpabios need not blame themselves. God already had a Jacob in mind in the person of Mr. Udom Emmanuel to replace Akpabio in government house instead of Esau (or whoever played his role).

The second thing Akpabio didn’t tell Nsima was that the outcome of the conspiracy was irreversible. See Gen 27:33. This is the most serious part. Like Nsima is doing today, Esau made a very dramatic comeback. He prepared a very delicious venison, took it to his father, wept and completely won his father’s sympathy but it was too little too late. Nsima’s comeback into the governorship race has been quite dramatic and really interesting but it is too late.

Even if you decide to remove the spiritual googles and take a socio-economic look at the two candidates, there is still a wide gap. Udom is incumbent. He is already running an industrialization programme which is considered at the apex of all policy options for any underdeveloped economy to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Has he had the best start? The answer is no. Infact far from it but he has had a good start, not necessarily the best. Some great lessons have been learnt and the state is poised to build on that for the next level of the programme.

You cannot mortgage that for a politician who comes in with the usual political promises that hang on nothing. “I will invest 50b for entrepreneurs, 10b for farmers, 9b for musicians, 25,000naira for Bursary Award etc, are all what anyone expects a desperate politician to say during campaigns. These are usual political promises predicated on vacuum as always. Nsima has no defined programme which can take the place of industrialization, take the place of moving an economy from civil service, from dependence on oil revenues, from dependence on politics and religion to manufacturing and Christianity. That is the fact and that is his burden.


Like Esau I see Nsima not resting until he has brought down Jacob (Udom Emmanuel), but that again depends on whether the original Esau has been able to change the outcome of the conspiracy even till this day.

James Abang R828
Atte-Okiuso Village, Urueoffong/Oruko LGA

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