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Macaire: A Tool for Safe use by the Ikono-Ini people



By Imo Owo

Tools are vital to the

execution of most on-site tasks. Equally vital is the proper usage of the appropriate tools, because where the wrong tool is used – or where even the right tool is used improperly – undesirable consequences often ensue. These consequences could be poor execution of assigned mandates or, even worse, fatality.

There is therefore a need to ensure safety in every task undertaken; and this, by observing a cardinal safety principle of deploying the appropriate tools for specific jobs. In addition to ensuring safety, there are several other reasons why it is essential that the appropriate tools are deployed. A reduction in the amount of time and effort required to get the job done is one, while efficient delivery of high quality output is another.

And so the end-gain of every assignment is partially determined by the right choice of “tools”. Like aforementioned, it is pertinent that people embrace “the right tool for the right job,” by opting for the most appropriate tool for every task – whether of a personal, industrial or even political nature.

As with everything in life, however, some have it easier than others. The people of Ikono-Ini Federal Constituency in Akwa Ibom State, for instance, today have a near-perfect “tool” right at their doorstep, with which they can safely reap the proceeds of democracy. Even better, Ikono-Ini people have a very distinctive case where the “tool” – Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo, being a reputable safety professional – literally doubles as an “instrument of safety”.

Ukpong-Udo, who is popularly known as ‘Macaire’, is also an altruist of a very rare strain. For well over a decade Macaire has, of his own volition, borne the travails of as many as he has come across in his immediate community, in Akwa Ibom state at large and even beyond. His natural predisposition to providing for those in need from all works of life therefore puts him forward as a safe tool in the hands of the Ikono-Ini people which, if brandished during the upcoming polls, is sure to yield unprecedented  windfall in the aftermath.

Going by his renowned professional as well as humanitarian antecedents, there is no doubt as to Macaire’s capacity for timely delivery of an all-inclusive standard of representation desired by his kinsmen at the House of Representatives during his intended four-year tenancy.

Ikono-Ini Federal Constituency in Akwa Ibom State has, in her hands, the right “tool” to use for optimal cultivation and harvest; it will be foolhardy not to utilize this safe option.

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