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Jerry Assam.

Naturally, man is incapacitated to carryout any task without the divine mandate from the supreme-God. It goes on to buttress what the Bible says in the book of Ecclesiastes 9:11, “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skills, but time and chance happened to them all”. It’s divinely and historically proven that God gives power and to whom he likes, he does so. Hence the need to say that Governor Udom Emmanuel is a sacred gift from God to Akwa Ibomites to better their lots in all phases. The past three years has witness monumental and tremendous change. One that has given the populace a reason to smile and rejoice. For the fulfillment of scripture which says that when the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice, Governor Udom Emmanuel has endear himself to the people with life’s changing project.
It was the 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln who said and I quote, ” the best way to predict, protect and safeguard the future is by creating it”. There is an undeniable truth in this assertion whether we accept it or try killing it in our mind or actions. It remains that one cannot achieve anything without creating it. Governor Udom Emmanuel after his swearing-in had taken upon himself the onerous task of creating an Akwa Ibom State to the delight of every indigene and non-indigene.
Explicitly saying, Governor Udom Emmanuel has successfully attempted what was generally termed impossible by men who choose to waste the resources of our great state on self aggrandizement rather than build and create a future for the generation yet unborn. Before the industrialization so witness today in the state, we had a government led by a nationalist who ride to office on the promise of industrializing the state. Each local government must have an industry to show for, they had boosted. To say they had lied, deceived and betrayed the trust too many Akwa ibomites had in them after this brazen act is to attempt knowing how painful an injury is by rubbing pepper on it. One would wonder what happened to the industrialization plans considering the inflow of cash from the then Federal government to the state. A fact echoed by the then minister for finance. Again they cabal who left so much debt for our state is parading themselves with their promise of industrialization.
I was told by my grandfather that once beaten, it’s expected that one get shy twice. Akwa Ibomites having risen to the faith of greatness with renewed hope for tomorrow, have chosen to forsake men who harbour no good plans for the state but to loot the state treasury. While they go about instigating problems for the common man, the state government has remain adamant in her decision and plans to industrialize the state. It’s only but the blind that will not fully appreciate the magnificent effort of the state Government in creating jobs opportunity even with lean resources. It’s pitiful that the uncircumcised and politically blinded individuals, have chosen to undermine the effort of the state government in bringing sustainable development of infrastructure and capacity building.
However, while we might never get to appreciate peace because of the absecnces of war, it will make sense if we take an analytic research on the experience of fellow citizens who have been plague by the menace of war or better still an individual experience of those who felt the hit of Warsaw at the state house of assembly recently. No one appreciates peace more than those who have tasted war. Akwa Ibom-state have experience peace undistorted and will not wish to return to those years of tyranny, assassination, kidnapping, truncating of fundamental human rights, extinction of Press freedom, and a total abolition of the rule of law. The state has peacefully risen to a height that the threat of Warsaw promised by our nationalist has become scary. Let no man be deceived by men who are power starve and marauding themselves as the saviour with no layout plans for Akwa Ibom-state. It’s therefore needful that we give reference to the only God that has ensured peace in the state. The infinite God who has graciously taken Akwa Ibom State thus far.
In climes like ours where loyalty is akin to slavery and leadership whitewash, it’s hard to find perfection in any human even harder to find men with sincerity and honesty. Governor Udom Emmanuel even with his flaws has remain unwaivering, sincere and honest to his words. To him, his words is his bond and you can hold him to it. With a pragmatic and enthusiastic Will, the state Governor has made education a key area in his government. Much has been achieved so far and we look forward to achieving much with an 100percent increasement in the budget for 2019. The state has been lifted to a height never imagine. Indigenes have won numerous international awards. The success story gives glory to only God.
On the 1st December, 2018, officially the gubernatorial campaign was flagged off according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) timetable. However, we must not act like the biblical five virgins who did not carry along an extra candle oil with them. We must act intelligently as it concerns our future, that of our children and our generation yet unborn. It is true that the election will be strenuous, it’s also true that only one winner will emerge but it’s not wrong to say that we will determine the outcome and so we will need guidance and adequate information to make our decision. We cannot choose to be the loser just like in 2011 were the nationalist led many to their early grave. We can let go the man who has improve our lives with industries to choose men with a degree in deceit. We cannot choose warsaw over peacesaw, we cannot neglect our fundamental human rights to choose the prison yards. For me, I will choose a detribalize man over a tribal bigot. I will choose a man with integrity, honesty and dexterity. I will choose a man with the ability to transform our tomorrow. A man with the divine mandate who recognises only God. I will vote for a man who has been countlessly declared qualify by Mr Nationalist. A man who has given our health system another look. Who believes in human development. I will vote Governor Udom Emmanuel. I will vote PDP.

Jerry Assam

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