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Akwa Ibom, changing the narrative of Nigeria’s democracy



By Imo Owo

It is an open secret that politics in Nigeria is often more about the personal interest of the political elite than the largely impoverished electorates. The interest of the common man is drummed up, but unfortunately is rarely the cardinal focus of political ambitions. And so aspiring for, and indeed holding a political office has largely been a matter of personal gratification, rather than service to the multitude. It follows therefore that the return of democracy in Nigeria, much against it tenets, has somewhat strengthened self-serving leadership which inhibits the progress of the governed.

Today, the country inches towards the twilight of one and the dawn of another quadrennial political dispensation, and the landscape is once again littered with various sincere and insincere political ambitions. Given the widespread heartaches of the country’s very recent political history, the country is in dire need of selfless servant-leaders. The country is in need of men whose inherent ideologies about political
representation are discernible and tend towards the common good, especially for the common man.

Fortunately, the people of Akwa Ibom had already woken up to the consciousness that the balance of power must shift from self-seeking to intellectually astute and well-meaning men; and they consequently demonstrated this at the gubernatorial polls in 2015. Having apparently reaped from this wise and timely deviation from the norm over the past three and half years, the people have restated a
commitment to sustain this cause.

The Akwa Ibom people from Ikono-Ini stock for instance, have demonstrated their commitment to this cause by unanimously giving their full backing to a man who understands and who is sincerely devoted to improving the living standard of his people – Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo.

Ukpong-Udo epitomizes the most fundamental virtue for impactful leadership – a selfless devotion to improving the life of the ordinary man. His munificence has been amply expressed in countless philanthropic gestures where he has committed his personal financial resources to far-reaching empowerment, human capacity development as well as community development ventures. He has cheerfully empowered elders and youths, men and women alike with various forms of material and financial support; with scholarships and with innumerable job opportunities.

A selfless and earnest humanitarian disposition in leadership – which Ukpong-Udo has typified even as a private citizen – is one of the most potent forces which can propel Nigeria to where it ought to be. There is therefore little wonder the people of Ikono-Ini Federal Constituency of Akwa Ibom State consider him fit to represent them at the Green Chambers in 2019 – to demonstrate to Nigeria and Nigerians, people-centric representation that will bring lasting change of the positive genre.

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