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Leaders of Faith in Akwa Ibom State have re-affirmed the resolve of majority of Christians in the state to support Governor Udom Emmanuel’s reelection in 2019.


They identified the peace currently enjoyed under the present administration, as against violence, kidnapping, ritual killings and other security challenges that could not guarantee the rapid development of the state.

Dr. Sunday Mbang (CON), former President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and Chairman, Akwa Ibom Spiritual Fathers of Faith Forum conveyed this resolutions, Monday, when the Fathers of Faith and leadership of Akwa Ibom Christian Assembly, ACA, visited the Governor at Government House, Uyo.


He assured that, “our visit is also to reassure you of the total support of Christians in Akwa Ibom State inspite of a few Judases among the Ministers. This betrayal cannot be totally unexpected since the scripture cannot be broken.”

He maintained that even in Jesus’ team, there was a Thomas and a Judas, and promised the Governor that since all the major Christian blocs in the state have already endorsed him, he would be overwhelmingly returned as Governor next year.
“You have been endorsed by all the Christian blocs in Akwa Ibom State under CAN, including the Chairman, Rev. (Dr.) Ndueso Ekwere, as indicated in our last communique that was jointly signed. The blessing has already been released to Jacob. Esau has no other blessing.”

He maintained that Fathers of Faith and all church leaders in the state have mandated all churches to encourage Christians to rally support for the Governor.

They vowed to openly identify with the Governor in his church activities, and to further sensitize the Christians across the state.

Their visit, they also said, was to pray with the Governor for the success of the campaigns that will soon commence in earnest.

Governor Emmanuel in his response, said that his administration has invested in industrialization, and other investment opportunities because of the predictions that very soon, there may not be any more crude oil in the country.

He lamented his efforts have been marred by  sponsored false publications by the opposition in the state, who set to discourage investors.
“They had to move because they don’t know the difference between junk journalism and real journalism. They feel unsafe and they go.”

“US, UK have issued a statement that Nigeria is not safe for investors. How can a country of 170 million people be estimated not safe for investors? How are we going to survive?”

“If you try to look at it as an individual state,  even your state’s indigene will shoot you down. I know of how many investors have left us because of false publications.”

Mr. Emmanuel was worried that people were not studying the global economic indices and the realities in the country, but were merely concerned about elections alone.

The Governor who thanked the Christian Leaders for their prayers and support, maintained that the name of God and the Church is at stake, and that God does not lose battles.

“Today I am happy I have elders in the Christian fold that can rise up and also speak and I want to reassure you of my support, cooperation to the best of my ability.”

He recounted the visit by former President Obasanjo to him, where he prayed for a successor like he has been to his predecessor, and added that he also would wish not to be the kind of predecessor his own predecessor had been to him.

“I have never in my life experienced the kind of lies he had hit on me, since I was born more than 50 years ago.”

He thanked God for the backing of the Fathers of Faith, saying that it was not about his own name, but about the name of the body of Christ.

Highpoints of the event was a prayer session conducted by the Ministers for the Governor and his Family, the State Government, Unity of the State and the peace of the country. Also, presentation of a compilation of volume 1 of churches in Akwa Ibom State on LGA basis of three Senatorial Districts by the Akwa Ibom Christian Assembly (ACA).

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