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Governor Udom Emmanuel has won peace for the people of Ukanafun and Etim Ekpo with the tremendous response to laying down of Guns and arms by warring youths in the area.

Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Charles Udoh, made this known in a Live Radio AKBC 90.5FM Interactive Programmm, Centre Point.

He disclosed that the State Commissioner of Police hinted him with happiness that the Crises-motivated youths have heeded the Clarion Call by the Peace-loving Governor for peace by surrendering their Guns and arms to the police.

The Information Boss was elated that the announcement on laying down of arms has yielding result as the warring boys have come to embrace peace and shun war intimating that pictures and videos of the peace accord will soon be released .

Charles Udoh who acknowledged that Governor Governor Udom Emmanuel radiates peace everywhere in all his dealings, commended the Governor for restoring peace as well as safety of lives and property to Ukanafun and Etim Ekpo LGAs and indeed the entire Akwa Ibom State.

He noted that the past 3 years under Governor Udom Emmanuel has witnessed tremendous peace in Akwa Ibom State as people could now go to sleep with their two eyes closed.

The Commissioner stressed that Akwa Ibom people are at the moment confronted with two choices of either staying with Govenor Udom Emmanuel to continue in his peaceful journey of developing Akwa Ibom State or allow people with selfish interest to draw us back to those dark days of instant murder, kidnapping, assault and general threat to life and property.

He pointed out that the main gladiators of those that dark days are in opposition today and expressed the hope and trust that Akwa Ibom people would make the right choice which is Governor Udom Emmanuel come 2019.

Udoh noted that we are blessed with a Governor on saddle known globally for Integrity and hard work as exemplified in the numerous investors coming into Akwa Ibom to invest thus opening up value-chain opportunities for the people, creating jobs and putting food on the table.

Speaking on the planting of billboards across the state, the Information Commissioner maintained that Government is not against putting up billboards but that they should be done according to the dictates of the law by adhering to specifications.

He emphasized that the Ministry of environment is the regulatory body that controls billboard advertising therefore all those needing such services should go through due process by getting clearance and approval from the Ministry.

Citing an example of a billboard seen while coming from Shelter Afrique through Oron road, the Commissioner said the bilboard is fixed on the road thus posing a danger to heavy trucks that ply at night stressing that such trucks may hit the billboard and cause accident which is injurious to both lives and property.

According to him, the State House of Assembly had passed a law on billboards therefore the next step is enforcement and sressed the need for citizens to follow specifications stipulated by the Law and not to fix billboards hazardously.

On Tax payment, the Commissioner explained that it is the civic duty of citizens to pay tax which forms part of internally generated revenue of government reiterating that, taxes paid in Akwa Ibom State cannot be compared to those in Lagos State where he lived and paid so much to keep his house and even paid for refuse.

He urged citizens to endeavour to pay their taxes as part of fulfilling their obligations and contributing to the development of the state.

Pointing out that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s led administration operates on a developmental road map which is implemented in phases, Charles Udoh assured all that, Government’s plan is to reach every part of the State during the life of this administration.

“Everybody should therefore come out to vote Governor Udom Emmanuel for a second term as this would foster the completion of projects started, ensuring them fully operational for the benefit of the people, such as the Coconut Refinery, a massive project which the world today aiming at” Udoh added.


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