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Akpabio Declares War With Udom…..Orders the Destruction of Pro-Government BillBoards




As a prelude to the fulfillment of his promise to visit mayhem on the people of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Akpabio has ordered thugs to destroy billboards with the face of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

The dastardly act has commenced with the destruction of Pro – government billboards along the Uyo airport road.

This happened just 24hrs after APC stakeholders, Akwa Ibom State visited President Buhari at Aso Villa, a delegation led by Senator Akpabio which each delegate came back with 100,000 naira each to empower thugs against PDP faithfuls in the state.

This is the Genesis of Senator Akpabio’s plot to devour the peaceful People Democratic Party (PDP) faithfuls and pushing the peace Loving citizens of the State into chaos. The PDP which cares for its people has refused to be dragged into such guerrilla tactics.

Let’s say no to this renewed attempt by Senator Akpabio to plunge Akwa Ibom back into the dark days of violence, kidnapping, killings and wanton destruction of lives that was experienced from 2007 – 2015 of his administration.

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