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Eket Federal Constituency, Gov. Udom, Hon. Patrick Ifon and Second Term



By Kyte Usen


The issue of Eket Federal Constituency receiving proper representation is a collective responsibility that should not be decided on sentiments or individual/group interest, rather on capability, sound understanding of politics, education and experience of character and portfolio.


There is optimism about Eket federal constituency achieving the expectations long held by her people because of  a talented, trained, dedicated and tested individual that has  joined the race.

Hon. Patrick Ifon in declaring his intention to contest for Eket federal constituency ticket has jarred the Eket federal constituency community from their reveries to a sigh of relief.

This is born out of the reverberating achievements of Hon. Patrick Ifon as Chairman ONNA Local Government Area where he achieved honour, respect and exhibited devotion to duty. Hon. Ifon as chairman established 42 water stations which included (Boreholes, Stanchions, Tanks and Generator Houses) in the 42 villages of the Local Government Area. The health centers that were abandoned were revamped to the extent that it motivated the providence of a resident doctor by the state government to facilities towards the enhancement of health care in the communities.

Today ONNA parents still celebrate Hon. Patrick Ifon for his kind venture of providing bursary to Law and Medical students during his tenure as chairman an extraordinary adventure towards fulfilling the dreams and expectations of others. As board chairman of Akwa Ibom Water Company Hon. Ifon restructured the company in line with current standard and equipped it with state of the art machines designed for efficiency and automated billing system for revenue generation and collection.

In my earlier write up titled “Hon. Patrick Ifon a True Personality” I have spoken about Hon. Ifon’s relationship with his community and the resulting acceptance of him as a unique individual. But above all these accolades lays the perceived issues about Governor Udom, Hon. Patrick Ifon and second term.

Recently, Governor Emmanuel Udom has been quoted as saying that ONNA has one term of four years remaining for the Eket Federal Constituency seat and that after that Ibeno will have the next eight years. The perceived fear here is not the position of the party (PDP) or that of the state governor; rather it is the unrivalled and unique style of delivering on democracy and personal promises of Hon. Patrick Ifon that might be a window of opportunity for a second term request by the people.

Hon. Ifon is a man of integrity a believer in the zoning process and position of the party. He is among the few Akwa Ibom politicians whose words can be taken to the bank and he has given his word that he would not seek nor accept a second term nomination. A few might argue about the truth in his saying, but that is a natural phenomena.


The next four years is pertinent to our collective representation and development a period for us to attempt catch up, so rather than dwell on the issue of second term we should be dwelling on uplifting Eket Federal Constituency through acceptance and presentation of the most qualified aspirant.
Politicization is said to be the process of becoming responsive to political forces and issues in a community, Hon. Pat Ifon has been responsive, dedicated and delivering on such political issues and he is still ready and available to offer such selfless services that has come to be his trade mark.

We as a people must unite, our accentors said that it is easy to break a broom stick but difficult to break a bunch of broom. Now is not the time to create discords but a time to move forward and Hon. Patrick Ifon with our support can take us to El Dorado.

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