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APC Concedes Victory to Udom



  •  Sponsors attack against the Governor


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The APC at its expanded State Caucus meeting that took place over the weekend in Uyo which was attended by among other top leaders, the newly defected member, Senator Godswill Akpabio conceded victory to Governor Udom Emmanuel and said that defeating him next year will be an impossible task.

According to a reliable source at the meeting, the leaders said the political reality on the ground is that Governor Udom Emmanuel has performed spectacularly well, and it would be impossible to defeat him at the polls.

“We have to tell ourselves the home truth. Udom has done very well, and the people are with him. The PDP is very formidable and we have to acknowledge that fact. We cannot defeat him.”

Our source went on to say that they members resorted to sponsoring attacks on the Governor “in the next few days and weeks, you will begin to see negative stories that will be pushed out in the newspapers against the Governor.

They will say all manner of things against the Governor which are all lies. They will say that he has lied about his achievements which they know is not true.


They are trying to say this about him to reduce his popularity, but they forget that the people of Akwa Ibom State are not foolish, they know the truth. They know that Governor Udom Emmanuel is a transparent, God-fearing Leader and and his achievements are all there for people to see. Akwa Ibom people should not be fooled; the APC in Akwa Ibom State hate this State, or how else would they openly agree to sell the State and our God’s given resources to people who want to enslave us again. Look at the picture of Senator Akpabio kneeling down before Buhari; is that the image of the Akwa Ibom person of 2018? Akwa Ibom people should not believe all the les the APC will be telling in the next days and weeks about Udom Emmanuel. They are desperate”.

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