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Horror in Ukana: Woman’s arms cut off at Akpabio’s house during illegal registration…



… abandoned to her fate


iReporters News. 

She was one of the women called to Senator Godswill Akapbio’s house in Ukana for what many present called an illegal registration exercise. She was promised a little over three thousand and like others who may not have known what they were being invited to do, she went innocently, the attraction being the measly three thousand naira she was promised.

“We were shocked when we saw people engaging in what I believe was an illegal registration exercise. There were machines all over the place, and Godswill Akpabio who had just returned from a trip outside the State was seen dishing out instructions. Some of us left the house shortly after we discovered they were asking us to register for the APC. We told them we already are card-carrying members of the PDP and that we couldn’t not sell our conscience. As that innocent lady made to leave, the gate at Senator Akpabio’s house slammed against her and her arm was cut off immediately. She started crying and writhing in pains, but to our shock, the security officers pushed her out of the house while blood was dripping all over her. I have never seen such inhumanity to a fellow person. Goodwill Akpabio was notified but he refused to come to the woman’s assistance. We had to pull our little resources to take the woman to the hospital. This is so sad. And it leaves me wondering: is this the kind of change Akpabio’s APC is bringing to Akwa Ibom: wickedness, horror and terror? May God not allow the counsel of the wicked to prevail.  Akwa Ibom people must tell Godswill akpabio: no more blood-letting, enough!

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