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Governor Emmanuel’s Sterling Profile and Clement Ikpatt’s Quavery



By Edet Edet.

There is nothing anyone can do to stop a soul that has been sold to the devil from perpetuating the dictates of the soul owner. Those who are members of illuminati, Ogboni and other occult groups can attest to the fact that once you are in, everything you do is influenced by the powers that be; meaning you’ve lost touch with reality, have obscure perception about every genuine motives, and become blind to sincerity.

There is no difference between a man controlled by the spiritual forces he swore allegiance to with a man that has mortgaged his future for monetary benefits, such men however, will never acknowledge good things if it doesn’t satisfy the one who controls them. He neither will see anything his way or give a hoot to people’s views.

Clement Ikpatt from his every downpour on Governor Emmanuel, and indeed the Akwa Ibom state government, reflects an archetype of a controlled bigot who has lost his senses to the mundane and ulterior motives of his paymaster.

The recent of his vituperations with the caption ‘The Profile of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Government, is coined from a very insincere, biased and non-existant basis to cast aspersions on the credibility of the state governor, with intent to misinform the general public and cause disaffection in their minds, so as to mob sympathy for his paymaster as the 2019 election draws near.
Getting the fact straight from his Ikpatt’s faulty lines:

1: Controversial and Dishonest:

Ikpatt claimed Governor Emmanuel is controversial and dishonest, but he forgot that Governor Udom Emmanuel was awarded Intergrity and National Service award in the banquet hall of Aso rock presidential villa; the floor owned by the APC, with so many encomiums poured on his personae for distinct governance. Maybe Ikpatt should tell Nigerians If dishonesty also flows in Aso Rock or the Presidency had colluded with a dishonest opposition party man to rob dirt on his party faithfuls in the state by bestowing such award to him. But talking facts, when a man like Clement Ikpatt who has an incurable diarrhea of the mouth speaks about dishonesty you can clearly see he is trying to justify the monies he gets from his pay master.

2: Uncountable:

There is no government as transparent as the Udom’s administration. Akwa Ibom under the watch of Udom Emmanuel is the only state that has published its audited annual financial statement. Maybe because Clement Ikpat has never succeeded in running a business kiosk, he doesn’t know what an audited financial statement means. He failed to tell Akwa Ibom people that the Federal Government that is led by an anti-corruption warrior has published a similar document to show how Nigeria’s monies are spent or any APC Governor for that matter. If Clement has not seen or heard such, he should fall on his knees and beg God for forgiveness.

3: Youth Friendliness:

Clement will not say he is not aware that the government of Udom Emmanuel has trained over 20,000 youths in various skills in just 3years, empowered and encouraged youths to seek self discovery in sports, employed numerous youths through the extended value chain flowing from industrialization, tourism and agricultural endeavours. Governor Emmanuel has also sent youth for training in Turkey and other countries.

4: Incompetency:

Brandishing a man who in every sense of purpose, coordination and expertise beats Nsima Ekere in every ramification to be incompetent is a proof that Ikpatt is clueless to what incompetency means. If in his context, incompetency means resuscitation of moribund industries in the likes of Peacock Paint, or giving birth to new industries, like Syringe, Metering, etc. I will gladly accept, but if it veers from this context, then Ikpatt needs to juxtapose the achievements of his paymaster with that of Udom Emmanuel for the world to see, then redefine incompetency.

If the motives of Ikpatt was to be non-partisan, before his assumed conclusion of the said piece, he should have found out to be told that Ibom Golf Resort, Ibom Specialist Hospital was comatose because the previous managers were unable to generate income to the purse of the state government, which was the reason their services was terminated by the Udom’s administration and new management brought in to ensure that the facilities serve their purposes.

5: Sectional:

I want to ask Clement Ikpatt, if he has raised any concern about Buhari’s appointments into juicy offices in the Federal government? From the Security Chiefs to other appointments, Buhari’s sectionalism is the reason every other person feels aggrieved.

6: Disconnected:

This is far from the truth, because Ikpatt has no access to the Governor does not mean others don’t. Governor Emmanuel respond to calls, SMS, etc, that which is very rare with his boss, Nsima Ekere. So many people are beneficiaries of the magnanimity of Governor Udom Emmanuel. As Governor, Mr Emmanuel has surprised the Federal Government, even when FAAC meetings usually ends in deadlock, Governor Emmanuel from his proactivity pays salaries and still indulge in other developmental projects, which endear the Governor to the people.

7: Discredited:

There is no way you will go in Akwa Ibom that you will not hear the good deeds of Governor Emmanuel, Sighting poverty as reasons for people to discredit the government is so absurd. Udom has touched lives even in the suburbs.

There is no need going into any public debate with Clement Ikpatt, when I know his source of survival is to blackmail Udom Emmanuel for his pay. I am not the only one who knows these, Akwa Ibom people also do, so when next Ikpatt wants to do an analysis, keep side-by-side Nsima Ekere’s achievements in NDDC with that of Udom Emmanuel. Then let’s bring an unbiased umpire to mediate over it, then we will know who is incompetent, disconnected and annoying.

Let’s be true to ourselves even in the hazard of incurring others’ ridicule than be false and incur abhorrence.

Edet Edet (

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