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According to Robert E. Wenig, Leadership when positive creates a simulating environment that builds a thriving organization but, when negative, it fosters a woefully oppressive and debilitation atmosphere which chokes performance.

Historically, Wenig’s ideology had been the fate decider of many great nations. Some prostrated to retrogression by allowing cowardice, mediocrity, greed, ineptitude and egoism dwell in the midst of public policy influencers, while the other ran for progression, by making right choices of policy influencers that shaped the face of the polity through the legislature.

Quality legislature guarantees development, it is the engine that pilots the future of a polity through enacted laws and debated policies. Allowing the legislature to have shortfalls of qualified and sound legislators, the expected outcome is the negative that enervates the ambiance to puncture performance.

The choice of our legislators in our political clime has been the monster that threatens our countrys rising ‘57 years‘ after independence. It has rendered weak the omnipotence of the legislature because of the crop of representative it parades; some through charades and barefaced fraud in the guise of elections, who lack knowledge of the constitutional provisions and awareness of law making thus, stampeding development and creating the feeling that there is nothing a legislator can procreate to better his constituents.


Eket Federal Constituency is among those plagued with the challenge of defining its stance in the lower chamber of the National Assembly; whether of progression or retrogression. The lower chamber of the National Assembly that was once dominated by echoes of our intellectuality, and procreative mastery has cued behind those who chorus ‘Aye‘ after thorough deliberations and topical issues had been discussed.

It is obvious that the intellects of sound legislators, who debate professionally with series of vitals to butress their arguments, thereby convincing others to share their perception and views has woefully embarrass our representative, dwarfing her embedded little capacity and sending her a signal that she wasn’t supposed to be there in the first instance.

Without a true representative, our riches will continue to be squandered in cluelesness, there will be no procreated law to help the Governor build a better Eket Federal constituency, or will there be any attracted development to the constituency courtesy of the national assembly.

Curiously, the impact of representation will never be felt with our incumbent mounting the saddle, even given the opportunity to be there for 16years, this is because positive leadership can never be achieved when ineptitude is allowed to occupy leadership positions that require expertise to drive and achieve organizational goals.

If we must spur development through competitive debates and sound legislation  by our legislator, then we must bring forth someone with vast constitutional knowledge covering every orb, who understands the nitty-gritty of representation, and is audible enough to be heard when given opportunity to legislate.

let’s be true to ourselves even in the hazard of incurring others ridicule than be false and incur our abhorrence.

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