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A human rights advocacy group, Akwa Ibom Mandate Union has urged a Premium Times reporter, Cletus Ukpong to respond to the weighty allegations against him by several private newspapers reports or else go to court.

In a release titled “Cletus Ukpong Answer the Questions or Go to Court,” the human rights group expressed dismay at the volume of calls and messages which have trailed their position on the issue, maintaining that such attacks were very unneccesary.

Rather than trade words or send emissaries, the Akwa Ibom Mandate Union told Mr Ukpong to deny his involvement in the use of a property of Late Professor Ignatius Ukpong as collateral in securing N50m loan from Akwa Savings And Loans

He was also asked to explain his role in the alleged execution of a contract worth N1bn awarded by the immediate past administration to his uncle’s company, Emem and Sons, and the subsequent fraud on the owner of the company.

The released endorsed by Comrade Godwin Tom Fredfish, the President also asked Mr Ukpong among other things to deny the debt incurred by his alleged inactions, that ran into more N80m at the time of Late Prof. Ukpong’s demise in 2013

On a recent alleged manhandling of the Premium Times assistant editor by a church in the state capital, the group wondered why Cletus Ukpong saw no reason to clear himself of such blame.

While describing Mr Cletus Ukpong as a hack writer on the payroll of the managing Director of NDDC Obong Nsima Ekere, the Group wanted Mr Ukpong to show the whole world similar negative reports he has developed on any of the other five states that constitute his area of coverage- the South South.

“Has Mr Assistant Editor of Premium Times not seen all the roads, industries and other projects Governor Udom Emmanuel has done and or attracted to the state in the last three years, even to the admiration of his colleagues and contemporaries across the country, despite the harsh economic terrain the government of his sponsors, has plunged the country into,” it added.

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