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By Edet Edet


Anyone who understands politics will not quickly flare of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s political incompetence and inexperience, just because he was the Chairman of the campaign council for the just concluded Ekiti State gubernatorial election.

As a Chairman, who went to Ekiti state with a sincere purpose of delivering his party’s candidate in a free, fair and credible election in tandem with his democratic tenets as evident in the December 2nd local government election, organized by Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission (AKISIEC); where the electorates were allowed to choose leaders they desired, there was no doubt of his victory song before the display of dictatorship and gladiatorial stunt by the Federal Government.

However, that outing of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Ekiti land to true democrats, brings to bear the ideals of unadulterated and non-sentimental democracy, respect for rule of law and promotion of a state of utopia in the face of political affiliation, but none of this was brought into consideration by Buhari’s controlled Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Army and other political tool, suffice they win elections.

Those ideals are the template of Governor Emmanuel’s political beliefs; that a man has the right to vote and be voted for without monetary inducement, that security operatives should live up to their constitutional enshrined duties of providing a peaceful ambience for the electorates to vote and not intimidate or molest them. That election results should be collated in the eyes of the world and announced as it is and not doctored to suit the President and the ruling party, these are the ideals of a true democrat and that is what Governor Udom stands for.

Using Ekiti State gubernatorial election, which was marred by irregularities, barefaced fraud, molestation and intimidation of the electorates as a yardstick to predetermine what will happen in Akwa Ibom come 2019 by Clement Ikpatt and other wailers in the All Progressive Congress (APC) has exposed their cluelessness in regards Akwa Ibom politics.

Clement who claims to know politics and now a political analyst contested for the House of Representative in 2015, he was an aide to Governor Godswill Akpabio, with so many managerial failures, failed to insert his political analytical proficiency into analyzing the body language of his federal constituency and their political stance, took a walk into the political quicksand that got him submerged, turning him ‘suddenly’ into a political analyst, not knowing he had been weighed on the moral crucible and discovered he was morally bankrupt; unfit to represent the people  so was disposed for a more suitable person.


Having understood the robes and maneuverings that can lead to a successful outing in Akwa Ibom elections, i stand to say that Ekiti state gubernatorial election was the litmus test for the Presidency, INEC and every other collusive security outfit ahead of the 2019 election, to prove their democratic sincerity and political motives. From their vile confrontation and wild political play, it is obvious that Nigeria is on the brink of democratic precipice if dependent on PVC’s alone to make leaders they want to mount the saddle of leadership, and A’Ibomites are aware of these ‘would be power play’ and will confront it with rabble-rousing.

Going by Clement’s biased conclusion, it means himself and his friends are still asleep, it will be important for them to wake and realize that from the inception of democratic governance, Akwa Ibom people has never shortchanged incredible performance, fairness and transparent leadership with a ruse wrapped in promises. It is also important to know that A’Ibom had woken beyond the conviction that there will be a free, fair and credible election in 2019 as promised several occasions by a government that gave “CHANGE” as a bait to win election, which is why we are experiencing a turnaround in every sphere of the economy in the state, courtesy of Mr. Udom Emanuel that only the myopic and evilhearthed men will criticize.

If the only means of winning election by APC to Clement Ikpatt in A’Ibom come 2019 will be a repetition of the sacrilegious Ekiti gubernatorial election, then the APC has stabbed itself in the back for imagining that such ridiculous and outdated plan will work with men who knows the worth of having a Governor that fears God; a Governor who feels the pangs of the electorates, gives transparent leadership, procreative and proactive in his dealings, men who have vowed to live beyond their PVC’s and are ready to protect their votes even with the last drop of their blood, I think Clement has to re-analyze the political terrain and come up with something else that will make the people stop voting for Udom and not the Federal Might bullshit.



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