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The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dominic Ukpong has described as baseless & deliberate falsehood, current speculations making rounds in a section of the social media that the automated modern equipment purchased by the state government are obsolete and nonfunctional.

Fielding questions on an interactive radio programme, Dakkada Akwa Ibom on Comfort FM, the Commissioner described the report as not only false but malicious and mischievous, explaining that the equipment were brand new having being procured from project “CURE” {Commission for urgent relief and equipment} whose aim is assisting developing countries in supplies of health equipment and other assistance.

The Commissioner who described the equipping hospitals with modern equipment as a very expensive process, said the Governor’s priority on the success of his health care delivery system accounts for the arrival of the 26 crates of medical equipment from Colorado and Delaware in the United States of America.


“We travelled to the United States with the Governor so we could get these equipment together, and to buy equipment first you have to place orders, then they start to manufacture those equipment.”

He stated that in other to ensure that after completion of the hospitals currently being constructed & the equipment are in best practices, further arrangements were made with the consortium to send a team to assist with the assembling of the equipment.

“As I speak to you there are a lot of equipment at the Uyo warehouse to be distributed upon completion of the hospitals currently being reconstructed across the state,” maintaining that the hospitals recently commissioned in Etinan and Ikono have been so fully equipped.

He explained that arrangements were made with the consortium to send a team to assist with the assembling, “since we don’t have people with good knowledge of the new equipment,” adding that they were also made to transfer the knowledge on some biomedical therapists from the state.

On patients being referred to other hospitals despite the new equipment, he said it was possible for any equipment despite the durability, to develop technical faults, adding that once it happens, “we can’t tell a patient to wait, but rather they are transferred to where the services can be rendered until that component is fixed. So anyone saying that the parts are outdated due to such case scenarios is trying to blackmail the Government.”

“I am always in my office every day from 7.30am, unless I am on outstation duties, so why would anyone say that I am not accessible? Why would you go about disseminating wrong information? These equipment have parts and if any has issues, it has to be fixed.”

He commended the Governor Udom Emmanuel for the huge investments and the giant strides recorded in the health sector through the current reconstruction of general hospitals across the state to include Itu Mbang General Hospital, Awa Comprehensive Health Centre, Immanuel hospital at Eket, Ikot Okoro General Hospital, and the General Hospital at Iquita Oron, amongst others.

He expressed dissatisfaction with how some members of the press go around disseminating disheartening information that the equipment were outdated.

“There is a lot of falsification, exaggeration and falsehood of stories going in the social media. I discover that when I read such things they tend to depress me or turn me off, because some of the things are very false in the face of the glaring truth, so I don’t often read those things. The media in this country and this state in particular also have the opportunity to visit and have a proof for themselves, whether this report is true or not,” Dr. Ukpong said.

He traced the current fabricated lie to 2015 when Ibom Specialist Hospital was alleged by certain media elements as being equipped by borrowed equipment, hence the inability to perform.

“I remember in 2015 when reports came in that equipment at the Ibom Specialist Hospital were borrowed from some organizations hence had been returned, but today everyone knows that all the equipment are in good working conditions because we allowed our works to speak for us”.

Dr Ukpong challenged media houses, that actually want to help the government to always visit these facilities, apart from taking pictures, see how the things operate and be able to write the truth.

“Just last week I led an international media team of Al Jazeera to Etinan and Ikono, who went round the wards, they went to the laboratory , we went to the accident and emergency department, the hospitals are as we equipped them, the people are working, the patients attendance has increased tremendously, double in many areas.

“I want people, let the media people come and take me there or let me take them there and see the equipment, these are falsehood, trying to rubbish the government, he added.

It could be recalled that a news medium, Atlantic Observers believed to be sponsored by the opposition APC in Akwa Ibom went viral with reports that the equipment recently acquired by the state government were refurbished and nonfunctional, prompting concerns in some quarters over the veracity of such claims.

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