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Efforts of Frank Archibong in curbing security crisis




A lot of people have said a lot of things about Eket, especially as relating to the situation in the Local Government Area at the moment.

No true Eketian is happy that the past weeks have had people make especially scathing remarks bothering on Security in the Local Government Area.

It is true that there was, what many would say is a cult clash. It is true that the actors in this madness are simply on a mission which is unhealthy to Eket and her neighbours.

I actually would not know how we got to this point. Some say the orientation of the cultists are faulty, some say the war is a superiority challenge.

Whatever and however we see this, one thing is certain, one thing is sure. That clash took us all by surprise. A case of some boys displaying crude ignorance and outstanding wickedness.

This, Eketians both at home and in the diaspora must rise against. This is not a Frank Archibong battle. This is not the case of a council Chairman’s challenge. It affects all of us. And all of us are affected.

It is the opinion of yours truly that Eket must be made whole again. It is my considered view that all hands must be on deck to ensure that the wahala is brought to a nullity and never should resurface again.

This is no time to trade blames. The culprits must be called to order and justice done with the speed it deserves. Human lives are precious and should not be bursted on the slightest of provocation.

The virginity of Eket must be restored and sanity returned to the LGA.

The temperature in Eket Local Government today is strange. We have not had this before. That land is known to be a good host to herself and her visitors.

What we are facing today is a war against Eket Local Government Area. It is a crime against humanity.

Where the perpetrators of these dastardly acts had the mind to be running riots in the Local Government Area is one thing that that baffles followers of that incidence till now.

Where did we forget our brotherhood love, where did we lost our sense of sanity. Why have we allowed the haters of peace to sow a seed of discord amongst us?

These and many more are questions we seek honest and real answers to, as progress and steps are being perfected towards achieving lasting Peace in the Local Government Area.

The Churches in Eket need to take it up as a prayer point. Let us pray against the continuous, unprovoked and unwarranted assault in Eket. Prayers must also be offered for the protection of our leaders.

The village heads and clan heads should also help. They should rise up to ensure that whatever needs to be done is put in asap.

If a traditional injunction is needed to be invoked and if that will put an end to this shitty action, citizens will subscribe to it wholesale.

In this rigmarole, nobody is safe, everybody is a target and sadly visitors especially visitors in authority are making much money as this challenge lasts.

At the moment, we have to commend Frank Archibong, the council Chairman for how he has so far handled the matter.

The security agencies are also worthy of commendation. But they need to do more, they need to step up their game. Their intelligence gathering network should be stepped up to achieve the desired result. This is a security matter that must be handled with all manners of security intelligence so that a snowballing effect can be arrested and bursted.

So far, so good, the council Chairman Mr. Frank Archibong despite not being a happy man because of the challenges this clash has come with has been doing his beats to restore normalcy. It is cheering news that in the coming days, Eket LGA will breath a new air of life.

That is why methinks Frank Archibong needs to be encouraged, he needs to be supported towards ending this seeming madness in the Local Government Area.

The rumour that the people creating the security challenges in the Local Government Area are Frank Archibong boys is not only a figment of the imagination of the purveyor of such information but a wicked lie that blow no good to anyone. Such comment is beyond the prism of politics.

Such comment is satanic, highly provocative and unsubstantiated. The council Chairman himself is a victim. He is the worse hit as no council Chairman would want to experience the slightest crises in his domain.

Frank Archibong represents a breed of fresh air and as a youngman who thinks prosperity of Eket LGA at all times, he would not condescend so low as to plotting, listening or doing things that will keep Eket in the news for the wrong reasons.

But then one can understand that as the Chairman of the Local Government Area, the onions falls directly on him to take responsibility for whatever Eket and her people is passing through.

Agreed, the young Chairman is taking the responsibilities that are why he has not slept, that is why he is attending to the challenge head on.

Frank Archibong has lost sleep because he meets with relevant stakeholders of Eket LGA at different times towards putting g an end to these acts of barbarism.

When the matter first came up, I remember I had put a call across to the council Boss to express concerns over the incident.

His first reaction was that of appreciation. He went ahead to assure me that as far as the law is concerned, he will ensure that the matter is dealt with to the roots and never will it prop up again.

This has so far been expressed by the number of arrests the police admits they have carried out. But the operation to cleanse Eket of hoodlums and unnecessary cult clashes must be wholesale. It must go beyond mere arrests and Police rhetorics.

If there are diehard ones amongst them, that don’t seem to be ready for a change the need for them to be rehabilitated is hereby proposed. These guys who are on rampage are not totally bad. They are our brothers and friends.

There is a need urgently to allow a peace truce to be reached. Black Axe and Vikings numerous crises in Eket should come to a halt. We are tired very tired of waking up to take to our heels with reason being that Eket Cult clash has resurfaced.

Eket is too small a town and or community for us to allow fraternity crises to tear us apart. We are a loving people, kind hearted specie and all we need do is to consolidate on the peace messages our leaders preach on a daily basis.

We as a matter of fact must excuse ourselves from unnecessary taking of sides on this hot blood massacres. Nobody should say this group was right or wrong. All hands must be on deck to return peace to our community.

Our youths have been gunned down; our brothers have been cut in their prime. If this continues, Eket may become history when the roll call of serious men is called. God forbid.

In the final analysis, the council Boss is leading the search for peace in the Local Government Area. He has so far demonstrated enough capacity to take the bull by the horns. Our prayers and thoughts should be with him. We should spare a thought and thoughts for him.

And as he searches for this Peace, may he achieve the result so desired. May the blessings and the Peace be. So much for a leader.

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