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No fewer than 2 – 3000 political touts from Bayelsa,Rivers, Abia,Imo and Cross River, Edo and Delta States were HIRED by Nsima Ekere to come to Abak and receive him on Saturday, on behalf of Abak 5.

The Cross Line buses,Bayelsa, RTC, Edo Line, and several vehicles registered with their respective state plate numbers and adorned alien colours, were seen ferrying the hirelings to the venue of the event in Abak. All around the venue and beyond, Abak was well adorned with heavy presence of Governor Emmanuel, including the recently commissioned fertilizer blending factory,the cassava processing factory and the ongoing renovation at St Mary’s Science College.

Those present at the poorly attended event, at Technical college Abak, also noticed the new classroom and Technical workshop rehabilitated and remodeled by the Governor in the school.

Most of the thugs who were brought in from neigbouring states, actually drove through the Abak – Ikot Abasi road, that Mr Ekere had announce for rehabilitation and dualization by NDDC since 2016 and they passed through Ikot Ntuen where Governor Emmanuel had put in place, a model academy handed over to the Nigerian Navy as a Navy Military school.

In the entire Abak division of five local governments, the only presence of NDDC are two borehole water projects of about N350,000, three transformers and one or two classroom blocks.
Juxtaposing these with the new look General Hospital at Ikot Okoro, the roads in Abak, Oruk Anam etc, we can understand why Mr Ekere had to use foreigners for his own stagemanaged reception.

That is why he said at the event, “we are not in competition with the state government. Let them do their own, all I can assure you is that come 2019 I shall be the next occupant of the Hilltop Mansion and everything is in place to ensure that we rule for the next eight years.”

While it was easy to import the jobless miscreants, it is our belief that they shall also be safely evacuated back to their domains. This is to ensure the safety of law abiding indigenes of the state.


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