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I Owe Jonathan An Apology If I Don’t Tell Buhari The Truth – Gumi



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Ahmad Gumi, Kaduna-based radical Islamic cleric, has said that he owes former President Goodluck Jonathan apology if he fails to face President Muhammadu Buhari with the truth.

Gumi In his Ramadan tafsir sermon at the weekend, said that there was nothing he has not said against Goodluck Jonathan when innocent Nigerians were being killed by Boko Haram terrorists under his watch which was one of the reasons he called for his resignation.

But now the number of Nigerians that have died under Buhari’s administration doubled that of Jonathan’s administration. Gumi said

His words, “If I am true to myself, as I called for the resignation of Jonathan, I should call for the resignation of President Buhari, and with immediate effect! And government paper should carried it also, if there is truth.

“As bad as Jonathan was, he was more democratic and had given people freedom to speak — even against him. You could see when he saw there was problem, he relinquished power, saying ‘I don’t want blood to be shed.

“This man (Jonathan) build for us nine universities in the North, more than 150 Almajiri schools. Even this railway from Abuja to Kaduna. He has done a lot of things. But I was charging him because blood; blood is the most expensive thing in life.

“There was nothing I have not said (against Jonathan). He should be impeached, he should resign, he was divisive.

“So now I have one of two options. If I can not tell my own brother what I have told this man, then I should take an aeroplane from Abuja to Jonathan and say please forgive me for castigating you in public.

“I rather seek his apology or castigate the president too. One of the two, there is no three. We have been patient with this government. If it is another, wallahi it would have been more than this.

“People are dying, everyday. Yesterday somebody was kidnapped. People are suffering, and nobody can say it because they have taken over out throats because they don’t want to hear something bad against the man.

“This is a mosque of Tawheed (the concept of monotheism in Islam). Even that is enough reason to show people.

“When people were saying Jesus is God, Allah revealed a verse to dress Jesus down to show him if Allah wanted he could even destroy him.”

The cleric said when people elevate human being to certain level, the person should be addressed to show people that he is human.

“Buhari is full of mistakes. Full of mistakes! He is human being like anybody. And I swear to God that there are many people here in the North that can perform better than him. Better!”

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