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As part of its efforts to boost healthcare delivery, the Government of Akwa Ibom State has organised a training/workshop programme for medical professionals on the use of the newly acquired modern mechanical ventilator (GER860 ATO model).

The four-day training programme on Critical care, put together by the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel took place at the Akpan Isemin Hall, Government House, Uyo and attracted several medical professionals from different states of the federation.

Speaking at the event, the senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Medical Matters, Dr. Ignatius Akpabio stated that the programme was spnsored yearly by the state Governor to uplift the medical standards in the state thereby reducing incessant medical tourism abroad.

“We have increased the renal capacity in the state. Last year, we had a seminar on renal medicine, and we equally had the Governor providing Machine and new management agency. This year, the Governor has provided new machines, new ventilators, the Carescape R860 which is the most modern facilities in the world that actually takes care of infants and adult. So we are moving forward from where we were and I want to assure everyone that this is better than what we had some times ago”.

Dr. Akpabio noted that the State Governor has invested heavily in the healthcare service, through intervention programmes and bringing in modern facilities that are obtainable outside the country, and urged the medical professionals to make good use of the opportunity to make a difference in healthcare delivery.

According to him, “This conference was by the essence, and the fact that we have critically ill patients we have to deal with and then we have to sustain those patients as well as maintain the standard of medical care. I am quite aware of the inadequacies that we have but I want to assure you that this government has made adequate plans to improve our healthcare services.”

He further maintained that, Governor Emmanuel has intervened in general hospitals in the state including the Etinan General Hospital, Ituk Mbang, Ikono, and currently Ikot Okoro and even the Ibom Specialist Hospital.

“This is the first Carescape R860 Ventilator Machine in the state and that shows the commitment of the Governor in our state. We wanted a machine that is a one-stop, and we decided to go for R860, which at the moment, is the best in the world”.

Innocent Ugwoke, Business Representative for the device, extolled Governor Emmanuel for the initiative, and urged the federal government to take a cue from the achievement of the state in healthcare delivery, stressing that every citizen deserves access to quality health care.

“This is a welcome development because we realized that the main thing about critical care is being able to take care of persons when they are not able to take care of themselves and we are looking forward to having the federal government at that level to get more involved in improving the quality and access to enhanced healthcare to all the region, because everyone deserves to have access to this level of care”.

Dr. Eyo Ekpe, Chief Consultant and Surgeon at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH), expressed gratitude to the Governor, saying that the non-discriminatory feat despite his status as a federal government worker, was a pointer to his administration’s efforts for the benefit of all Akwa Ibom people.

In his words: “This workshop and the training is a welcome development and it’s not really the first we have had. Last year, it was on renal transplant, and this year it is on critical care medicine sponsored by the Akwa Ibom State government, and if you look at the audience, it is really not limited to doctors employed by the Akwa Ibom State government.”

Dr Ekpe sqid further that, “personally I am working for the federal government , and what I love about this government is that when something important comes, everybody is given the opportunity and it benefits all Akwa Ibomities.”

He said, “the government is not selective in helping manpower development and capacity building. Yesterday we saw that machine. It is a ventilator from what we saw. It is the best ventilator at the moment in the whole world”.

One of the lecturers at the seminar, a renowned Professor, Chairman, West African College of Surgeons, Prof. Silvia Eguma, who commended Governor Udom Emmanuel for the numerous developments in the state, revealed that she was unable to recognize the state.

The workshop featured the demonstration with the most modern mechanical ventilator (GER860 ATO model), demonstration of the HI STAT Arterial Blood Gas analyzer device, General Overview of critical care in Akwa Ibom State, by Professor Silvia Akpan, Preoperative management of the renal transplant, the ward to ICU by Dr. E. Ekeng and other sub-courses.

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