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A nineteen year old boy, Master Nsikakabasi Ita-Edem has drowned in GrandVille Hotel and Resorts at the swimming pool of the hotel in Eket, Akwa Ibom.

The hotel owned by a former senator, Effiong Bob is said to be currently under lease for continued business operations.

Visiting the hotel at Atang street in Eket Local Government Area, reports had it that the incident happened on Sunday, April 8.



Reacting on the incident, Mr Andy James, the Maintenance Manager in GrandVille Hotel and Resorts confirmed the dead of the victim.


He said that the victim usually visits the hotel to swim and drink like any other person.


“There were lots of people swimming in the pool. Once you come in to swim, we must first register your full name and you pay the sum of N500 before swimming, “he said.


He said that before any person will be allowed to swim, the pool safety must be read to him or her to guide them on rules and regulations of the pool.


James said that there are life jackets in the pool to prevent those who cannot swim to float on the surface of the water.


“The victim came with the two of his friends and others, we don’t know the two friends that came with him but we know him (victim), as our guest.


“The two of his friends registered and took their bath and enter the pool but the victim was still sitting and he didn’t enter the pool yet.


“If I want to let you into the swimming pool, I will get closer to you to check if you are drunk or eaten prior to swimming time.


“Because normally if you had eaten prior to the time you want to swim, we don’t allow you into the pool, that’s what we do here, this is one of the pool safety rules.


“After then the victim stood up from where he was sitting and said he wants to shower, we had to register his full name,” James said.


James said he rescued one of the victim’s friend who almost drowned in the pool earlier.


James said that the victim jumped into the shallow end of the poll, adding that he didn’t even swim at all.


“The victim jumped inside the shallow side of the pool for less than one minute and stayed in the pool, till he was drag out of the pool,” he said.


Also reacting,  Mr Ubong Ita-Edem, the victim’s elder brother said that the victim visited the hotel with two of his friends and two girls.


Edem said that the victim was buried at Mbierebe in Ibesikpo Asutan local government area on April 10.


He said that the victim was the last born in a family of seven and he (victim), dispatched electricity bills to customers in Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC), Eket Business Unit.



Reacting to the development, the Akwa Ibom Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Mac Don Achebe said that he was not informed about the incident.


“I have not been informed about the incident but I will find out from the Eket Police Divisional Headquarters,” Achebe said. ##


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