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By Eneh John

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” “Nothing in life is to be feared.” -Ralph Emerson


As the race to the  2019 Eket House of Assembly seat hots up, one man who has caused a stir in the race is the incumbent House member, Mr. David Lawrence.


Political pundits view his entrant into the race as a welcome development to the advancement of democracy. There have been reactions and counter reactions to his aspiration in recent past.


It is a fact that in a practicing legislative democracy, David Lawrence is entitled to run for the Assembly seat, as many times as he wishes.


The case of Eket has not been different. Advocates for and against zoning has stated their positions, as the count down to the elections continue.


David Lawrence has become the big fish in the water, since he indicated his interest to contest for the Assembly seat for a second term. Attention has shifted from other aspirants to him, as he battles the people, the media and the foot soldiers of politicians.


At the moment, the Deputy Chief Whip stands as the Aspirant, which others are aiming to beat in the race. The fact remains, arguments have been raised in these regards, on why he should run or not run for the office.


Most of the persons who have launched serial attacks on the House member, are neither delegates to the elections, or voters at their respective units.


The big question remains, who is afraid of David Lawrence? Politics is a game of numbers, and so, any Aspirant who emerges top in the Peoples Democratic Party primaries later in the year, will fly the party’s flag in 2019 elections.


It is unneedful, for people to entertain fears of defeat, in an election that is yet to hold.


Aspirants should be willing to face their contenders in an election, and not engage in frivolities of attacks.

The issue of zoning does not preclude Aspirants from other zones from contesting the elections.

Taking us memory lane, we recollect that, in 2011, the then House of Assembly member, Mr. Jack Udota, who was from Eket central had contested the Assembly seat for a third term, despite the position being zoned to Eket Urban at the time.


In 2015, Victor Henry from Eket central had also contested the House of Assembly seat, alongside others who were not from Urban, where the seat was also zoned.


The Okon people have the Vice Chairmanship position, and also the Commissionership position.


It is wise that, for equity, and balance of power, the Urban people should not be left out from the power sharing, as 2019 approches.


Leaders in Ekid should not fan embers of disunity among the people. The issue of representation should be tested at the polls, so that the best can emerge. Zoning as a political discourse should not be used as a tool to polarise the people.


The Ekid people are peace loving people, and it is wise that everyone irrespective of personal opinion, should strive to mediate and unite the people, and not use zoning to score cheap political points.


Power rest with God, and through the ballot, He gives to whoever he wishes. The point remains, the people will decide who represents them in the House of Assembly.


David Lawrence is human, who has declared his interest for a second term in office. We should not sacrifice performance on the altar of sentiments.


David Lawrence has been in the forefront of developmental strides in Ekid, since the advent of the Udom Emmanuel’s administration.


He has surmounted criticisms and remain resolute in the positive affairs of Ekid. Fondly called ”Dlaw” by friends, admirers and the people, David Lawrence has made his constituents beneficiaries of his empowerments on monthly basis. The records of his giant strides on his ascedency to the state house is unrivaled.


It is wise that the people of Ekid should give him another shot to the Assembly to complete his lofty programmes and projects for the interest of the constituency.


Eneh John writes from Etebi Ikot Use Ekong, Eket.

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