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Clement Ikpatt: Another Pawn in the Chess Board of Mischief Makers



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I am constraint but perturbed in my spirit to comment on the reaction of Clement Ikpatt, vis-à-vis the piece by the Sun Newspaper columnist, Ebere Wabara, captioned “Governor ‘Integrity’ Emmanuel”, where the script writer passionately without any biases highlighted Governor Udom Emmanuel’s invaluable contributions to the human index and pacesetting infrastructural renewal as the grouse for his modification of the Governor’s name  (Udom) to (Integrity), and also cited his vindication of the nomenclatural change to the recent Integrity and National Service award conferred on the Governor by the Nigerian Television Authority at the Aso Rock Villa.

Blaming Clement Ikpatt for his consistent slanderous outpour and derogatory comments on the leadership integrity of Governor Udom Emmanuel seems to me very incorrect, rather his paymaster, Nsima Ekere; who has capitalized on his impoverished status and life’s failure, making him dance naked often in the public space by venting his sponsored script courtesy of the meager from the NDDC loot that sustains his going.

If there is anyone seen and known by A’Ibom people to be clueless, it is Nsima Ekere and his recruits in the likes of Clement Ikpatt.

It is improper and dim-witted for a dismissed Nigerian police fugitive, who returned from exile in 2012 after more than 25 years in Delware, US, being restructured by the Godswill Akpabio’s administration to question a distinctly bred personality from a corporate domain, a boardroom player from a renowned financial institution (Zenith Bank), whose political fortune is that of professionalism, and referring to him as ‘clueless’ even when himself, has a questionable antecedent in leadership, vested with errors and inglorious testimonies. If I may ask, of what moral justification is Clement’s vituperations?

It could be recalled that Akwa Ibom Diaspora Network was ensnared with fraud, orchestrated by this ingrate fellow. Those who invested in the promotions and sustenance of the dignified association are still battling to salvage themselves from the huge debt and psychological effect caused them by the intellectually degenerated and unbalanced character (CLEMENT IKPATT), and until now, Clement has not exonerated himself from the fraudulent allegations leveled against him.


Verified records has it that Clement was disgraced out of office with back-to-back petitions by all those he swindled. One will begin to wonder why Clement should ever think that the Governor of Akwa Ibom State (A professional in politics) will consider the ranting of a man whose character and conscience has been murdered by greed and selfish exhibition in public office, or drive on his designed purported developmental agitations, when it is obvious that there are strings of fraud and intent to swindle in it.

Everyone can attest that Akwa Ibom State is witnessing a rare leadership exhibition by the Udom Emannuel’s administration. The present administration has improvised the uncommon transformation agenda as initiated by Senator Godswill Akpabio, then Governor of Akwa Ibom state.


From the massive interconnecting road infrastructural networks, diversification of the economy that has birthed the agricultural renaissance, human capital development in the Dakkada initiative, industrial procreation, which begets the conceptualization of the metering company, syringe Manufacturing company, Pencil and toothpick production industry, with many in their employ proves that Governor Udom was not a mistake in 2015 and will never be a mistake in 2019 as conceived by Ikpatt and his paymaster.


Nsima does not know that having one who is morally bankrupt in his employ speaks volume of his relapsed personae and goes even further to prove the adage that ‘bird of the same feather flocks together’ to be true, and as such, his integrity (If any) has been washed off.

Truth be told, A’Ibom people cannot be cowed into servitude as “Their Mumu been don do” since the interventionist agency under the watch of Nsima Ekere had sub-standardized projects meant to engender the well-being of the people, and deprived them of their due as the largest contributor to the swelling account of the NDDC and that of the Federal Government.

There is no yelling for a change in the government of Akwa Ibom State as A’Ibom people are satisfied with the leadership disposition of the present administration, and they are ready to stake their neck to see continuity in 2019. Rather than pour insults on Governor Emmanuel, Ikpatt should persuade his paymaster to resign the juicy NDDC office to contest in 2019 in other to test his popularity, there he will know that everyone surrounding him is just running around to share in the booty that was to be used for the intervention jobs in the oil producing states, of which he has decided to convert for personal use at the detriment of the electorates.

As a chess player, i bring into cognizance the Roman Empire of the old, when they are set for a war with their rival, they devise strategies of outsmarting the opponent; some see the pawns as the first call for an attack, some choose the knights, Ikpatt in this regards has been chosen as a pawn to cause a fuss in the state.

One thing he forgets is that a pawns value in the game of Chess is subject to review when an important officer is endangered, and can be exchanged if the need arises.

I am true to myself even in the hazard of incurring others ridicule than to be false and incur my abhorrence.




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