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The attention of the Deputy Chief Whip/Member, representing Eket State constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, has been drawn to a news report currently in circulation, with the above caption, where some persons were said to have gathered to discuss the issue of zoning, as it pertains to Eket.


While Hon.David Lawrence agrees with the fact that zoning be upheld, it is evident that, the three geopolitical zones in Eket has taken their turns in the House of Assembly seat.


In view of the above, the contest for the seat is opened to everyone to start a fresh zoning arrangement.


The report is self contradictory, to have stated that, “no lawmaker had served more than one term,” when it is clear that Hon. Jack Udota had done two terms, which makes the news story a yeoman’s job.


The news story in its entirety, represents the opinion of certain elements that are self seeking, who are bent on imposing their choice candidate on the entire  people of Ekid.


Hon.David Lawrence has demonstrated statesmanship, since the advent of his second term ambition came to the public.


It is worthy to note that, as the build up to the 2019 House of Assembly elections in Eket gathers momentum, it is not only David Lawrence from Urban zone who has indicated interest for the seat, but other Aspirants who are not from Okon zone have also done that, and are going about their consultations for the office, without eyebrows being raised, but attention seems to be on the House member.


From the foregoing, one may be forced to ask,  Are the aspirants afraid of meeting Hon.David Lawrence at the polls?


It is unfortunate, that the people who are holding contrary opinions on the 2019 House of Assembly seat, are not delegates to the party primaries.


He advised anyone or group of persons,  who are interested in the 2019 State House of Assembly elections, to go about their politicking, as elections are won and lost at the field.




Media office of Hon.David Lawrence, Member, representing Eket State Constituency,
Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

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