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In reference to the above titled story on page 4, volume 35 of the Ink newspaper, dated: Monday 26, 2018, we write to discountenance the report, as false and untrue.


Never a time, did the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom call on the Eket State House Member, Mr. David Lawrence, to be mindful of his third term ambition.


The paper, in its bid to disparage the lawmaker, had goofed, when it mentioned a third term for David Lawrence.


It is interesting to note that, the House member is only doing his first term in the Assembly, and is on his way for a second term, and never discussed a third term ambition with anyone, when he is working on his reelection.


The newspaper had attempted to drag the state chapter of the party into the affairs of the state constituency, without stating the true position of things as regards the zoning system in Eket.


David Lawrence has not been locked out of returning to the House, as we had previously maintained that, elections are won and lost at the field, and it is wise, that every Aspirant, should test his popularity in the field.


It is the duty of the party delegates to decide, who will fly the party’s flag in 2019. The Publisher of the Ink newspaper is not a politician, neither a delegate, and will not be voting in the party primaries. So, we implore him, to conduct his media war with decorum.


We will not overflog the issue of “the age long zoning” in Eket, as we had previously stated that, all the three zones in Eket have tasted power at the Assembly level, and in due time, stakeholders and political leaders from the area, will reach a consensus, on which zone should start a fresh term, I from the completed zoning cycle, which terminates in 2019.


Understandably, we are in a political season, so, it is expected that the atmosphere will be charged in line with the existing political reality on ground, which Eket is not an exception.


It is noteworthy to also state that, there have been no challenges whatsoever, as the writer would want the public to believe.


Never a time, did the Eket House member, in private or public space, had told anyone, that it was the Governor’s directive to vote against legislative autonomy, as he voted based on his conscience.  We challenge anyone, to publish such, if any.


Hon.David Lawrence is currently engaged in delivering the dividends of democracy to his people who elected him, and not to be distracted with settled issues.



Media office of Hon.David Lawrence.

Member, representing Eket State constituency.

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