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Oro Think Tank disowns Nsima Ekere



  • As alleged endorsement sparks row
  • Oro Union threatens to dissolve OTT
  • Radar Newspaper report was false, misleading” – *Monday Dickson*

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The rumoured endorsement of Mr Nsima Ekere, MD of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC by Oro Nation (OU) for the Akwa Ibom State governorship position in the fast approaching 2019 general election has raised dust at the leadership of Oron Union which issues a warning that the Oro Think Tank (OTT) a standing committee of the Union may be dissolved.

The Radar Newspaper operating in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State had on Monday, February 12th, 2018, carried a banner story entitled, “2019 Guber: Oro Nation Declares for Nsima Ekere”, reporting the visit of Oro Think Tank to the NDDC boss which held at his Ewet Housing residence in Uyo.

Drawing from the first statement of the address presented by the Think Tank Chairman, Dr Monday E. Dickson which says, “We feel highly honoured to make this presentation on behalf of the leadership of Oro Nation….”, two Union members who spoke with us stated that the OTT has no ground to make whatever declaration because they were not empowered by the existing hierarchy of powers to do so.

Prince Edem Otioro Antakikam, a dedicated unionist and pioneer youth president of Oro Nation (under the Youth Wing of Oron Union) said the OTT being a creation of the OU lacked the authority to make such ‘declaration’, adding that the PG in the competent personality of Chief (Mrs) Janet Amba who is the mouth piece of Oron people remains the only authorised voice at the moment.

Edem Antakikam who observed that such an ‘outburst’ was “a pandemonium capable of disorganizing the Oro people”, called on all Oro sons and daughters to come together and support the leadership of Janet Amba whom the entire Oro people elected to pilot her affairs till December 2019.

“We don’t welcome any visitor who cry more than a bereaved house wife. We should stop creating pandemonium by going to politician’s houses. We should come together to build Oro under the leadership of PG Janet Amba. We will no longer condone mudslinging and food is ready politics. We should support the leadership of Janet Amba whom the entire Oro people elected to champion the affairs of Oro till December 2019″, he submitted.

Also speaking, the PRO of Oron Union, Comrade Ita Omunam cited Article fifteen sub two [XV (ii)] of the OU’s constitution confirming that OTT is one of the Union’s standing committee which has no authority except it is expressly given by the union.

He added that Janet Amba, the first female President General of the 93 years old Union is the present prime minister of Oro Nation and the only person vested with the authority to speak for and on behalf of Oro Nation.

Ita Omunam queried the OTT for the Sunday outing with the NDDC boss, saying such a “declaration by self agrandized politicians was tantamount to insubordination and was capable of provoking the PG to dissolve the OTT”.

He explained, “Oro Nation has a mouth piece which is the Oron Union headed by the PG Janet Amba who is the first female PG of OU after 93 years of existence. She is the prime minister of Oro Nation, the only person vested with the authority to speak for and on behalf of Oron people. Therefore, the purported statement by self agrandized politicians tantamounts to insubordination to the constituted authority of Oron Union and is enough to provoke the PG to dissolve all standing committees.”

Meanwhile, the OTT Chairman, Dr Monday E. Dickson, when contacted, denied that the group had declared for Nsima Ekere and referred to his Press Release of Monday, February 12th entitled, “2019: Oro Nation has not Endorsed Anyone”, which stated clearly that no endorsement can take place when political parties were yet to conclude their nomination processes.

The statement reads thus in parts: “….it should be known, that Oro has not endorsed anyone for any position as regards 2019 general elections. Parties are yet to conduct their primaries and Oro Nation cannot adopt any aspirant. Adoption or endorsement of candidates is the sole responsibility of the Oro Leadership Steering Committee. This can only be done systematically, after due consultation before it is pronounced by Oro Think Tank in a well-attended press conference.”

However, Dickson maintained that a perusal of the report as contained in the Radar Newspaper was “a total deviation from the rules of journalism practice” as “there was entirely no link between the malicious and misleading headline and the body of the story.”

“Of course the ghost writer of that story knew we never made such pronouncement so there is no way he could have put the words in our mouth. We only pray that this style of journalism should not again be seen in this twenty-first century”, he cautioned.

While pleading with the leadership of NUJ in the state to sanction the newspaper and the hands behind it, Dickson enjoined, “Oro people, Akwa Ibom people and the general public” to “disregard the false publication.”

Source: Anchor Express Newspaper

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