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Clement Ikpatt’s Frustration and the bias Views on Gov Emmanuel’s Project Oriented Policies



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When a professional is elected to shoulder responsibilities and ladder the people to greater height, some misconstrued perceptions and orchestrated protest made by sectional critics (that doesn’t amount to 2% of the electorates) in an attempt to frustrate obvious ‘viable and necessitated projects are always discarded, shoved aside for the interest of the people.


As an observer that has followed the trend of democratically elected governments, policies, projects meant to engender livelihood that is criticized by segmented people is usually carried out amidst the prejudiced protest.

From the Attahs Ibom International Airport, Five Star Hotel to the Akpabio’s Ibom Tropicana, E-library, etc just to mention few that received criticisms, is today lauded and embraced by same people who created fusses just to discredit government at the expense of their paymasters.

Clements assertions in time recent, after thorough scrutiny emits nothing but deceit, clothed in emerald with intent of satisfying his banking details and as such, should be treated with kids glove.

Majority of the 2% critics, who say the Lagos Lodge is not needed to boost the number of investors that should come in to invest in Akwa Ibom, travel to Lagos and other cities for business meetings/engagements; they lodge in hotels in choice locations. To them, theyve succeeded in painting a picture saleable to their clients or associates of their qualitative status through the serenity of the environment they invite their guest to, yet they want government to invite investors to ramshackle environ? This is cowardice in the eyes of true patriots.

Ikpatt is a church goer, who has ones or twice contributed to the building of his worship center, he gage himself with suits and bible every Sunday, with his voice high in worship to God, yet he sees something bad in a serene environment where government can hold solemn assemblys, or pray for God’s protection and guidance as a state named after God, I think Ikpatt has taken his blasphemous tongue he uses to smear spotlessly clean integrity out of the political den to ridicule Christianity he happens to hold in high esteem and should go on fasting and prayers for forgiveness.


I am so confused when he accuses Governor Udom of frustrating and railroading the industrialization policy implementation plan inherited from previous governments, rather than applauding his pragmatism in improvising the industrialization policy to suit the timing and modernity of human nature.

Through the improvised industrialization ideology, Governor Emmanuel is envied even in the cartel of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Governor’s, as was noted by the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo during the commissioning of the Jubilee Syringe Company and the Metering Solutions. It was in this premise that Governor Emmanuel was named ‘A clever Governor’ by the vice president.

If there is a man who is working assiduously to ensure that unemployment rate is reduced in the state, it is Governor Emmanuel.

For Ikpatt to insinuate that he neither knows how to nor has been able to create jobs in Akwa Ibom State, forcing an unacceptable 70% unemployment rate that is second worst in the nation is imbecilic and a sign that Ikpatts myopia has increased by 70% making his visions blur from the strategic industrial placement of Governor Emmanuel,
If Governor Udom knows not how to create jobs, what is happening in the AKEES Toothpick/Pencil factory, what is Akwa Prime hatchery doing, or has Ikpatt forgotten that the Jubilee Syringe and metering solutions has employed over 200?

Clement Ikpatt has never attended budget defense nor has he attended any public hearing on appropriation in the state, he is clueless on how budget is balanced, so raising any dust in regards state budgeting, makes him derail from the numerous misgivings he has as a person.

There would never have been any local government election as free and fair as recent one conducted by the Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission (AKISIEC). It was a win The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom Merited because of their rigorous pursuit as seen in their committed campaigns. Ikpatt Expected that APC should have won through their known fraudulent act without campaigns, but he failed to understand that it is only through campaigns that elections are won. Even amid the plans of scuttling the election through imported mercenaries of the APC, PDP did a thorough job through the electioneering processes.

It is hilarious for Clement Ikpatt to believe that a call from about 2% critics who doesn’t see anything good about government from inception will scuttle the acceptability of the other 98%.
The numerous decisions and policies of the Udoms administration is for the good of the people and will only be applauded in time, so Clement Ikpatt and his cronies can wait till their principal or paymaster mount the horse in 2023, but for 2019, UDOM ABRE

Let’s be true to ourselves even in the hazard of incurring others ridicule than to be false and incur our abhorrence.

Writes from ONNA


Clement Ikpatt wrote:

It is obvious that Gov. Udom Emmanuel has an impunity laced leadership style. It is also obvious that he has completely disconnected from majority of the Akwa Ibom people.

He does what he wants no matter what/how the majority of Akwa Ibomites say, feel and want:

1 .he goes ahead to renovate the Lagos Lodge despite massive public protest.

2. he refuses to release the Commission of inquiry Report on Reigners Bible Church building collapse in a bid to obstruct the course of justice.

3. he goes ahead to break ground for construction of the International Worship Center despite widespread condemnation.

4. he deliberately discontinues or slacks in the management/rehabilitation of inherited projects for the most childish and ludicrous reasons.

5. he has frustrated and railroaded the industrialization policy implementation plan inherited from previous governments.

6. he neither understands nor make good efforts to create a modern and acceptable enabling environment for sustainable development.

7. he neither knows how to nor has been able to create jobs in Akwa Ibom State, forcing an8 unacceptable 70% unemployment rate that is second worst in the nation.

5. has never been able to balance a single budget in three years as governor.

9. vehemently resisted but was pressured to conduct the constitutionally mandated local government council elections

10. and many more

No reasonable political party, electorate or progress minded society should tolerate any person’ having the leadership baggage,

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