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2019: Owoidighe Ekpottai’s Ineptitude, the Burden of Representing Eket Federal Constituency



edet EDET

The National Assembly is a seeming market place where many go to sale, many go to buy, many neither sale nor buy, many are just observers of those with different products for sales, because they have nothing either to market or purchase, thus rendering the constituency or district they represent voiceless amid the many facet of problems that smacks them as a people.

A Legislator, either in the national or state level, represents the interests of the people in their districts, such as encouraging investment and economic development in their jurisdiction, while also considering the needs of the entire nation. The work of legislators relies on meeting with, listening to, and establishing relationships with others. They confer with and debate with colleagues on merits and demerits of proposed laws and determine their colleagues’ level of support. In doing so, they must negotiate a compromise among different interest groups, review and respond to the concerns of the people they represent and the general public.

Going by the constitutional duties of legislators and the many troubles that has eaten deep into the fabric of our nation, one will agree with me that States would grow beyond just the insertions and procreativity (s) of Governors if legislators live up to the expectation of the people and the constitutional duties that binds them; touching lives and making laws for the betterment of the people.


Analytically, within the context of objectivity, as an indept observer of events that has occurred since the advent of democracy and the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State as recorded in the achives of legislative representation, I will state that Eket Federal Constituency was a threat in national discourse. From the dispense of constitutional references “off-hand” when trying to buttress points during sessions, to the exhibition of mothers-wit intellectuality where applicable, Eket was once a force to contend with in the green chambers, thus making so many legislators cautious when attempting to drag the constituency or the Niger Delta as a whole into a debate.

Chief Nduese Essien was constantly on the headlines of Newspapers, Rt. Hon. Eseme Eyibo (Integrity Group) was not left out of the sides of the camera, even Barr. Bassey Dan Abia (Jnr) was actually noticed in the arena. Their oratory prowess and vocal ability gave us a name that would have survived beyond the acknowledged fact that Eket has crude oil, but since their exit from the green chambers, Eket Federal Constituency sit is now obviously vacant though occupied by someone certified with papers but not functional for lack of legislative knowledge.

The emergence of Hon. Owoidighe Ekpotai as the representative of Eket in the era where functioning heads emerged to represent constituents, gave Eket the conviction that there is a rebirth of “Chief Nduese Essien/ Eseme Eyiboh” in the green chambers again.

As a one-time Chairman of ONNA LGA, who had handled administrative affairs and played supervisory role in local council affairs, there was a sigh of relieve by so many people ( including me), hoping to see an exemplary and effective representation, envisaging she will cue behind world Amazons who leaves indelible mark on the sands of their call to serve, but we were wrong, it was just a figment of imagination, like wishing for the reoccurrence of the division of the red sea.

Eket Federal Constituency since 2015 has been reduced to nothing in the house of representative, our voiced boxed to the corner for fear of reprisal confrontation due to the emptiness in the faculty of thoughts of our representative. The Federal Constituency, where our pragmatic Governor hails from, who once produced the mouth-piece of the national assembly is intimidated for lack of legislative knowledge. Who plagued us with Owoidighe Ekpotai?

Every-time the cameras roll in the House of Representative, flaring intelligence redefines our status; it is either, Hon. Onyejeocha Nkeiruka, Hon. Mohammed Monguno, Hon. Mustapha Bala, Hon. Rimamnde Kwewum, Hon. Olufemi Gbajabiamila or Hon. Sam Ikon is combining garnered knowledge with constitutional references to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they were equipped for the job of lawmaking, or our Owoidighe Ekpotai flipping her biro, folding her hands and listening in awe to those with products who are marketing theirs. It is not a sign that good times are here, it is prove that the supposed good is intellectually bankrupt and the only proper thing to do is to kick her out.

Majority of those who made the mistake of choice in 2015 said they believed since she has an MBA in Accounting, she must have possessed knowledge in diverse fields to match those big names intellect-to-intellect, but far from their convictions is the belief true. Ekpotai’s MBA is questionable. The beaming light on the slow pace of her reasoning substitutes her in the archives of Eket Federal Constituency representation, leaving questions on who is going to bail the cat in 2019.

To be frank, her product is not worth the market, the market value of what she offer drags Eket Federal Constituency back to the cavemen years, where anomalies thrived and there was none to speak. Ekpottai is burdened with what to do to salvage our needs. She lacks the oratory handiness to excel where competency is needed to win arguments.

Suffice it to say that she can’t contribute on the floor of the house, her humanitarianism and patriotic disposition would have been considered a substitute to lawmaking, but this is far from the reach of my legislator because her greed has beclouded her sense of reasoning and has made her irrational anytime there is a call for help by her constituents.

Ekpotai would function well in the chairmanship capacity she was, the chambers of lawmaking of any kind is greater than what she knows, so rather than waste time, praying God to bestow her with the requisite legislative knowledge and oratory prowess, let’s shop for a true representative.

Eket Federal Constituency has lineup of reputations with the necessary certifications needed to beat the likes of Hon. Yakubu Dogara, Speaker of the House of Representative, whose sparkling knowledge can procreate unpredictable mitigation strategy to endangering cases. These and many more I pray for, as the 2019 drum rolls.

Let us be true to ourselves even in the hazard of incurring others ridicule than to be false and incur our abhorrence.


edet EDET

Writes from ONNA

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