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  •  Stop fighting Governor Udom Emmanuel in disguise

My dear Senator,

For far too long i have failed to reminisce the marginalization of Eket Senatorial district by your administration, I ignored my own powers, conveniently hiding behind the position of political compromise; and for what, to compliment your efforts in fighting the fierce gubernatorial battle of 2015 and emerging victorious with my brother and mentor, His. Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel as Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

However, I must say, that singular action of yours unwound my vexation of your 8 years lopsided misrule and purposeful act of secluding the senatorial district (Eket) that birthed the billions in dollars, used to better the lives of other senatorial district from democratic dividends. To many, it was an oversight, but to me.. It was far from their convictions.

In that era, our roads deteriorated, oil spills compensation was appropriated by you, ailing industries were abandoned, palliatives meant for the people of the district as a result of spillage was shared in government coffers, neglecting those who were directly affected in the degradation, yet, we stood still, supported your administration till you succeeded for 8years, even when the district several questions on the reasons for abandoning the goose that laid the golden eggs fell on deaf ears.

My grouse for this message, though a supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is your swinging body chemistry about the Udom’s administration; on one side several endorsement for a second term and the other, ridiculing him with assertions capable of inciting the electorate against him.

It is this insinuation in several occasions that has triggered reviews and possible analysis of fairness, equity and justice in your leadership ethos as displayed in the past, reawakening the memories that had slept on the positive impaction of Governor Udom Emmanuel, who has exhibited characteristics of a gentleman in politics since you cohered with the electorate to give him the mandate in 2015.

One of such assertions is one made during the festive period, in a get-together organized by the Deputy Governor, Pa Moses Ekpo at his country home in Abak, you used the opportunity of your remark to send a message through the Deputy Governor to Governor Udom Emmanuel.

In your message, you stated that Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district has 10% benefit in the 2018 budget. You also alledged that Governor Udom has not fulfilled any of the promises he made to Ikot Ekpene people, that he hasn’t completed Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road and has also not completed four point-by Sheraton and abandoned ‘projects’ you initiated.

My Questions are:
1. You were Governor for 8years during the oil boom era, where allocation accrued to Akwa Ibom is near half of what Governor Udom Emmanuel is receiving. This money came as a result of the resources accrued from Eket Senatorial District. Can you point out one project you sited in Eket to commensurate the districts contribution to the IGR of both the state and country at large? The roads you makeso much noise about do not totally amount to 1km.

2. Before the expiration of your tenure, you commissioned the four point by Sheraton hotel, proving then to the world that it has First Class facilities; meaning it was completed before commissioning, why then is Governor Udom brought into the picture of abandonment, or is it that the first class facilities as earlier acclaimed was for political showmanship or outdated?

3. Can you show us any road in the district that has an insignia of ‘Godswill Akpabio’?

Remembering vividly during the Youth Solidarity rally in support of Governor Emmanuel’s second term bid in the Raffia City of Ikot Ekpene, sometime in October 2017, the Governor took time to explain that four point by Sheraton will be completed and managed by the Sheraton groups, and will commence operations in December same year. He also assured the people that compensation on the remaining portion of Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road which you failed to pay inspite of the huge amount the road was awarded to Julius Berger,has been paid and that the road will be commissioned in May 2018. You didn’t even allow the dates to elapse thus, firing shots of ridicule at him.

I am asking these questions to be educated and also to justify the moral grounds of yours in sending such message to Governor Udom Emmanuel in a public domain, when you have all the avenues of discussing with His Excellency privately to ascertain the reasons of the slow pace of job as mentioned.

Senator, I state boldly without any fear of persons that your reasoning on several occasions leaves me with no confidence of your support for Governor Emmanuel in his second term bid, and as such, I will advise His. Excellency to be wary of your smiles in the open as it might not portray what is embedded in your heart.

The concept of loyalty is a positive one in most people’s mind. It conjures visions of devotion, commitment, love, respect, and honor. It is not suppose to be a one-sided affair, but reciprocal if the union must continue to flourish and sustained. But in this case, I think the Governor is just wasting his time showing humility to you.

You might be misconstruing Governor Emmanuel’s simplicity and displayed humility to be cowardice, fear or foolishness, but do not forget that when you continually push a man to the wall, one day, he might be forced to rebounce.

Methinks that considering the several dubious projects you collected funds for and abandoned, that you would be the least person to offend the sensibilities of reasonable men and women of Akwa Ibom State in making unreasonable remarks unworthy of an immediate past Governor of a state. Except you want us to begin to think the many stories making the rounds of your instability could be true.

I am true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring ridicule of those who have been swayed by your profligacy in the guise of development, than to be false and incur my abhorrence.

Edet Edet
Writes from ONNA

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