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Governor Udom Emmanuel has commended voters in Akwa Ibom state for their peaceful conduct in the just concluded Local Government elections in the state, stating that those involved in election violence will face the full wrath of the law.

Governor Emmanuel casting his vote

Governor Emmanuel who identified Local Government elections as a difficult election, thanked God that the state concluded the process without any reported casualty.

Speaking shortly after casting his vote at his polling unit in Awa Ward One, Onna Local Government, he said, “this goes a long way to show that the people of the state are in active support of his administration and are willing to encourage him to maintain the peace and attract more development.

He frowned at unpopular candidates who allegedly went to import hoodlums to come and disrupt the peaceful exercise and appreciated the security agencies for being on top of the situation.
“I think they have done a good job by making sure the election went on peacefully.”

“The opposition, some of them were arrested with weapons today and you know the law, and we also made a broadcast that if you are caught with that, you must face the full wrath of the law.”

He reiterated the desire of Government to ensure that, all those arrested with any form of ammunitions or weapons would be prosecuted.
“I have discussed with the security agencies, none of them will go unpunished.”

He recounted his assurances to Nigerians that Akwa Ibom will set an example of, “a very free, fair and transparent election.”

He urged the press to report accurate facts on the realities in the state, so that people will not be misled by false reports on the social media.
“I have seen people posting all kinds of things(on the social media) that did not actually exist, so it’s left for you people who saw everything first to actually let the world know what happened.”

He advised Akwa Ibom politicians in the services of the Federal Government to use their positions to bring development to the state, and avoid actions that tend to destroy the fabrics of unity in the state.

By Ndifreke P. Akpan
(AKSGovt. House)

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