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By edet EDET

Reading through the lines of the rebuttal by the APC publicity secretary, Barr. Edet Eyo Bassey to the alarm raised in a press released by the chief press secretary to the Governor, Mr. Ekerette Udoh, with caption “PLOT TO DISRUPT LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS IN AKWA IBOM STATE UNCOVERED” it is very obvious that the opposition party is jittery since the government and people of Akwa Ibom state uncovered their covet disruption plot, meant to disenfranchise the electorates ‘ of whom the PDP blood runs in their veins’ from casting their votes for the candidates of their choice.

It is a glaring case of inferiority complex in a political setting, knowing too well that the chains APC gave to nigerians in the guise of change, has far been rejected in A’Ibom, and as such, claims of massive support from a broad spectrum of A’Ibom people is spurious, delusional reasoning and an attempt to impress their cronies in Abuja.

Everyone in this country knows that the 2015 general elections had long been won and lost, and that Governor Udom Emmanuel rode on the back of the electorates with approximately 2million votes to the Hilltop mansion, proven in the election tribunal and every court of competent jurisdiction. Alledging that the government of Deacon Udom Emmanuel is a product of violence purchased with the blood of innocent citizens of the state is baseless and unfounded, because Udom will win again and again.

The APC vent of resisting and rejecting any election not conducted in tandem with the law, stating further that one of the tenets of the change mantra is free, fair and credible elections. This attempt to exonorate the APC of devious and mischivious conceptions in elections conducted in some states of the federation, is hilarious and in variants to the so called tenets of the change mantra, if any.

It is of note that it is only the APC that has conducted worst elections in this country, from the Edo state elections to the recently conducted Lagos state local government election; just to mention few, was characterized by barefaced fraud, capable of igniting ethnic fracas if the spirit of sportmanship was not exhibited by other parties, led by the PDP.

I am beginning to wonder why the APC will believe that Governor Udom who is so focused in building castles in bricks for posterity to live independently, will be flummoxed by the crowd borrowed and returned after the event of 20th Nov, knowing too well that the only crowd APC has are imaginary and exist only on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Akwa Ibom people have been in the chains of the APC led federal government since May 29th, 2015. Though they are aggrived, it can’t translate into shifting grounds of providing a condusive ambience for a peaceful and fair local government elections. Their grieviances are tight to their voters card, and they will make sure that it is protected to the later.

A drowning man according to ancient saying will always gasp for breath, even if it means holding firm to his or her rescuer. The Peoples Democratic Party though rooted in the state are embarking on rigorous campaign just to canvass more support, wooing even members of the APC to support them, the APC are ranting on facebook and in rejoinders; at first it was a call for the change of the Gloria Ukpong’s led AKISIEC Exco, on the basis that they aren’t credible, that was done and a new one reconstituted, now the newly constituted are card carrying members of the PDP, working for the state government, not minding that elections can only be won on the basis of thorough campaign and since they aren’t campainging, it will be difficult to win.

APC’s ranting is an outcry of a drowning party, it is as a result of preemted failure in the upcoming local government elections from the display of lackluster flare for their ‘change’ bait by the electorates . Let it be known that the mantra in Akwa Ibom now is ‘Change the chains’, and irrespective of the rantings on facebook and twitter A’Ibom’s avowal of PDP being a religion is sacrosant and can’t be changed.

I will rather be true to myself even in the hazard of incurring others ridicule, than to be false and incur my abhorrence.

Edet Edet – Publisher of

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