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A journey to the Akwa Prime Hatchery floods an adventurous person’s mind with amazement at the vast expanse of land enveloping a seemingly huge work site. It opens the eyes to a very serene vicinity giving no clue about the wanton activities going on within its confines.

The Akwa Prime Hatchery recently developed a commercial farm with a large collection of birds in stock to give out growers a practical idea of what was expected of them when rearing their birds. Here demonstrations are done to show in real time the processes and activities involved in bird care so the outgrowers could do it right.

The hatchery also came up with a lofty programme in May 2017 known as the NAOMI’S INITIATIVE, a widow’s outreach of some sort to commemorate its 1st year anniversary. It was an encapsulation of the out grower programme where widows from the Local Community were brought in, trained and given starter packs consisting of 50 well vaccinated brooded birds and feeds. With this, the widows went out on their own and finished the rearing of the birds, after which the birds were bought over by the Hatchery and the rearers paid. The essence of the programme was to the give the local woman a reasonable vocation and means of good of livelihood. The programme was purely charity and it has recorded resounding success as loads of people are still subscribing to it .

The management of the hatchery drenched in continuous innovation and creativity and seeking out ways to make maximum impact came up with a line for chicken packaging which is presently used to facilitate another project the hatchery is carrying out for the Cross River State government known as the Cross River State Schools feeding programme. This feeding programme is an initiative aimed at providing quality feeding for pupils in public primary schools across all the States of the federation. The initiative has about 15 active States who have keyed in now with Akwa Ibom State set to kick start theirs in Sept 2017. The Hatchery provides 10 brooded birds to the food vendors numbering over 2000, buys them back after they are reared, processes the chicken and delivers it to the Cross River State feeding programme. Each programme pack has 200 neat and well processed chicken cuts of 20-30grams each. This development shows the hatchery is a project with national significance which is actually the dream of his Excellency the Governor to open up Akwa Ibom to the Nation and to the world at large.


A tour around the hatchery reveals the absolute professionalism and detail with which every single activity from hatching to brooding to processing and delivery is done. The facility presently employs over 50 staffers with only 7 as non-indigenes due to the fact that their skills can’t be sourced locally. Each incubator has a capacity of 56,000 eggs with over a 1000 day old chicks produced daily.


An on the spot interaction with Mrs. Emilia Theophilus Ekanem, an offtaker and poultry farmer who came all the way from Ukana Iba in Essien Udim LGA revealed she had been in the business for the past 10years having dealt with other renowned hatcheries in the West. Her gratitude to His Excellency the Governor for activating the facility knew no bounds as she stated that she had been doing business with the hatchery for one year now minimizing the risk of travelling long distances. A soothing testimony to the superior performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel in the area of agriculture and food sufficiency.


The Value chain is inexhaustible as Iquo Effiong Nyong, a widow from Mbiaya Uruan and beneficiary of the Naomi’s initiative recounted her pleasurable experience of doing something tangible from the programme enough to feed her family and make profit. This is in line with Governor Udom’s poverty alleviation drive. Another Akwa Ibomite, who is a major distributor in frozen chicken based in Calabar commended the hatchery for being proactive, stating that between May and July 2017, he had transacted about 3 tonnes of birds from the hatchery worth N3million.


Its germane at this juncture to advice Naysayers who indulge in lies and propaganda about the operationality of the facility to take to poultry farming in a bid to support this great move of government rather than continue in their ignoble act of falsehood. Suffice it to say that the Akwa Prime Hatchery is one of the best agricultural facilities located in the South South of Nigeria. It has given life skills to many, made a decent living for others and is progressively expanding its capacity day after day. Akwa Ibomites are implored to avail themselves of the vast investment opportunities that abound in the hatchery and not allow outsiders leverage on it to enrich themselves while we sit and watch.

The Udom Emmanuel Administration is future oriented and determined to position Akwa Ibom State as an amazon among her contemporaries.


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