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Sam Ikon: As The 2019 Bell Rings



By iReporters.

I am not from Etinan Federal Constituency, but by virtue of this noble pen profession, I believe I am permitted ‘ethically’ to dabble into trending political discuss.

More interestingly, with an in-depth knowledge of the subject that can extinguish created fuss rising from political interest and aspirations.

I will tinge my lines symmetrically in the context of this narrative. Just for the purpose of clarity to those who are yet to realize that they are already in a political cul-de-sac, but chooses the diversionary antics of using that which is mightier than the sword (the pen) as a hatchet tool for envisaged political pursuit, neglecting democratization of governance; the yardstick that will be used to measure future aspirations.

It is very easy for one to assume that he has contributed immensely to humanity, maybe because he trends on the internet and pages of newspaper as a giver, who only succeeds to build a conglomeration of beggars by his consistent giving of fishes not knowing that those who trend him are doing that for the increment in their banking details and not to justify the conscience of the people, who in no doubt will fight tooth and nail, sacrifice their all to achieve a democratized governance in capacity building, unquestioned  integrity display and leadership antecedents.

Of recent, the social media platforms and the print medium had attempted to castigate negatively MP. Sam Ikon, Member representing Etinan Federal Constituency in the House of Representative, alleging the indefatigable Lawmaker was booed during a constituency briefing he had with his kinsmen.

By divinity, the briefing was successfully hosted and accolades poured on the MP for his pragmatism and proactive representation since called to serve.

The author of this fictitious story tainted his lines with biases, neglecting fidelity and balance as one from the “forth estate of the realm” and I will not hesitate to question his professional integrity for allowing peanuts to overshadow professionalism.

It is noteworthy that MP. Sam Ikon is not campaigning for popularity neither is he in a desperate move to deceive his constituents to garner support for a second term mandate.

Nevertheless, I will not arrive at a conclusion by assuming that the mischief maker and his myopic team were acting a script  courtesy of some likely opposing forces whose ignoble character could not permit them to openly declare their intent to aspire for same seat occupied by MP. Sam. Ikon.

Even as I begin to ponder on the unprecedented track record outlined by Sam Ikon on the course of representing the good people of Etinan Federal Constituency at the National Assembly two years now; I will not blame the publishers of this petty story for monetizing his conscience in an attempt to get cheap relevance.

My vote won’t count as Sam Ikon’s continuity project gear towards sustaining his mandate but, am marveled at the figment of imagination and outright falsehood, hiding behind the cloak and sending out fallacy in an attempt to misinform members of the general public to score cheap points that will never translate to votes from delegates as we match towards the 2019 race.

In the course of investigative diagnosis, I stumbled on a scanned document on Facebook few days ago, it was a letter written and signed by a serving House of Representative member from the North, introducing and recommending people from his constituency for employment into the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR.)

The fellow, who published the said document, literally asked what our legislators were doing to secure jobs for people from their constituency. The one thing that immediately came into my mind was the long list of about 40 people gainfully employed in Federal Government Parastatals, credited to Sam Ikon in just 2 years with the mandate.

Apart from employment facilitation, Sam Ikon has single handedly sponsored bills more than the entire bills sponsored in the state house of Assembly and has taken Akwa Ibom to the fore of international recognition and discourse courtesy of his extraordinary legislative prowess which has become an innate characteristic.

I am beginning to get perplexed, for this shear act of total disregard for a man whose credibility outshines those brash vying to represent people in different capacities without insight and foresight to assuage and ameliorate poverty and joblessness.

Analytically, in journalism practice, we should learn to allow our conscience to be regulated within the ethical standards if we are to excel.

I plead my readers not to misconstrue my position here,  all am painting is that no journalist should allow his or her professional integrity to be monetize, voiding conscience and truth.

Conscientiously, attempting to discredit the other through rookie fictitious stories is becoming so annoying. Politics today is a game moderated and spurred by self determination to accept in totality the course of representing the people symbolizing  brazen effective and creative leadership legacies as exemplified by MP. SAM IKON.‎


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