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The Failed Inibehe Protest: Between 100 Protesters and 1,999,000 Voters.



By iReporters Crew.

Today was quiet remarkable and joyous to Nsima Ekere and his 20M Naira hired youths, who trunked the Uyo metropolis with placards, claiming to protest against the 1.2B proposed Akwa Ibom Governor’s lodge in Lagos.

It was remarkable and joyous because to them, they have succeeded to ridicule the government of Akwa Ibom State in the eyes of the world with their show of shame, and have ‘assumably’ seized the office of Governor from Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

But what is more remarkable is the conundrum left behind as a residue, which exposes the firm rejection of Nsima Ekere and the APC in Akwa Ibom State as shown in the number of protesters who accompanied our baby lawyer, Inibehe Effiong to this show of shame.

Now the question is, will the voice of 100 protesters silence the voice of 1,999,000 A’Ibomites? Did Nsima and his team of labourers forget that Akwa Ibomites came out en-mass to give Governor Emmanuel an overwhelming mandate to govern them in 2015?

The answer, obviously is No.

With this, it indicates that A’Ibom people who gave Governor Emmanuel the mandate are solidly behind his policies and programmes meant to turn Akwa Ibom into an industrial hub for posterity to have independency in livelihood.

Conscientiously, it’s always the prerogative of the electorates to constructively criticise government policies and programmes, but for such criticism to be a subject of consideration, it has to be devoid of all biases and selfishness as incessantly displayed by Nsima and his bandwagon of mischief makers.

Obviously, Inibehe and his cronies were acting a script that had bounced back on them, telling them of their extinction from Akwa Ibom land.

Maybe Nsima Ekere should consider an option of seceding from Akwa Ibom, because Akwa Ibom people have declared him persona non-grata by their today’s action of sitting at home to watch some Akwa Ibom outcast get the squib.

Today’s hilarious show is another episode expected to be on cinemas and nollywood movies to constantly remind Nsima of his poorly scripted comedy within the confines of political paradigm.

Nsima is a man who sees politics without civility, willing to even sacrifice his family to be the head of Akwa Ibom people of which he will never be given the mandate even in a trance.

Nsima isn’t bothered if 20M injected to a protest of this kind against a proactive government, would better the lives of the needy and that of those in the motherless homes if it is channelled there.


To every sane man,  Nsima Ekere is a devil with a black heart, who betrayed the Akpabio’s administration with his unavoidable quest to amass wealth.


 I will not blame Inibehe Effiong for his choice of friendship, but I will hold him responsible for choosing peanuts over his very challenging career thereby putting a doubt on his professionalism.

One thing is certain, the voice of the electorates will always overshadow unilateral opinions and decisions at the pool.

If Inibehe Effiong had wanted to prove his activism, he should protest for the sack of Rotimi Ameachi as Minister, for his direct involvement in the loot that striped Rivers State after the election.

He should as well join the protest for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari Whose ailment is beyond human comprehension and gradually leading Nigeria to retrogression.

Why didn’t Inibehe join Charly Boy in the protest calling for Buhari’s resignation if truly he is an advocate of justice and good governance?

It will be better to fight a genuine cause and be respected than  fighting a sponsored cause at the detriment of your own people and profession.

It is high time Inibehe and his paymaster desist from staging distractions to Udom’s target and the peace of Akwa Ibom people.

 Akwa Ibom people are wiser and cannot be cowed into servitude.     



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