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Legislative Leadership: The Sam Ikon’s perspective And The Need For A Second Term




Effective legislature to me, connects the constituents to their representatives by giving them a place where their needs can be properly articulated.

As the representatives of the people, their responsibility is primarily to protect, defend the interests and rights of the constituents, enact laws that will promote the peoples well-being, ensure that the dividends of democracy are attracted to the respective constituencies to serve the best interest of the people, also assist the constituents in facilitating jobs placement.

The legislature is the bulwark of democracy.

Today, the view of Nigerian legislators as adjudged by the electorates gives a clear belief that the Abraham Lincoln’s classical definition of democracy during the Gettysburg Address of 1863, as “government of the people, by the people and for the people” (Remy, 1994:31-34) is nothing but a disguised way to maneuver the people in other to gain access to their treasury for self enrichment.
Going by the gross neglect of the peoples due and demands by their legislators that constitute the legislature, I have never accepted that the legislative arm of government has given back to the people to meet the anticipated aims and objectives. From the obvious hunger amidst plenty, poverty in the midst of enormous wealth, deprivation of humanitarian rights, I make bold to conclude that most of our Legislators are dysfunctional because it is confronted with the monster of selfishness and greed, therefore submerging the electorates in a quagmire of insufficiency, suffering and regrets.
In my vivid observations and analysis, I would say that Etinan Federal Constituency is really blessed to have a distinctive character vested with rare leadership charisma and legislative prowess as their representative in the 8th National Assembly.
Rt. Hon. Sam Ikon, Member representing Etinan Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Chairman on inter-parliamentary committee is a signpost that nullifies the Henry Ford’s conviction of the legislature “As long as we want the legislation to cure hunger or to abolish special privileges we are going to see wpoverty spread and other privileges grow” from his robust legislative contributions and positive humanitarian impaction.

In two years, MP. Sam Ikon roars in the national assembly with legislative confidence, proposing bills and contributing to deliberations on the floor of the green chamber, setting a standard for others who through the back door went to the National Assembly.

To mention few of his propositions:

  • A Bill for an act to make Provision for the Management of Mental Health in Nigeria, and for related matters which seeks to institute corrective mental homes across the 36 states of the federation.
  • A Bill for an Act to Establish The Institute of Healthcare Management of Nigeria and for other Matters connected therewith which seeks to address the issue of mismanagement in Government owned hospitals across Nigeria.
  • FCT Metropolitan Management Council (establishment) Bill which seeks to institute a body that will uphold the aesthetic values and management of FCT been a signature to Nigeria.
    FCT Area Council Service Commission ( establishment) Bill which seeks to regulate council staff management and due diligence.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Act (Amendment) Bill
  • Deep Offshore and Island Basing Production sharing Contract Act(Amendment) Bill
  • Society of Nigeria Broadcasting Practitioners council Bill.
  • National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency Act (Amendment) Bill for establishment of an Arbitration Tribunal to enforce standards and mitigate in communal environmental issues.
  • Chartered institute of Administrative Science of Nigeria (Establishment) Bill
  • Institute of safety professionals of Nigeria (Amendment) Bill.
  • Nigeria Technical Aid Corps Act (Amendment) Bill.
  • Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa (Establishment) Bill
  • New partnership for Africa’s Development Commission Bill which seeks to alleviate poverty and bring Nigeria close to global standards.
  • Federal Capital Territory, kidnapping and hostage taking (Prohibition) Bill.

Rt. Hon. Sam Ikon in his procreativity has also raised a motion for an Urgent need in the rehabilitation of Ndiya road linking the Mkpat Enin express Road to Port Harcourt Road.(Awaiting intervention from concerned agency), and also called for urgent construction of the Nsit Ubium-Eket highway with a collapsed bridge connecting the rich oil Communities by (Mbiekene and Nnung Obong) of Akwa Ibom State to the East West road.(At committee assessment stage awaiting recommendation to (NDDC).

Nevertheless, in assuaging and ameliorating poverty, and in an attempt to curb delinquencies for a progressive future and peaceful coexistence; amidst the high leveled intrigues and scheming in securing jobs opportunities; Sam Ikon has remain resolute to defend the peoples mandate by facilitating over forty employments/job placements for his constituents in Federal Government parastatals ranging from; Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (4 persons), Nigerian Security And Civil Defence Corps (3 persons), The Nigerian Army (6persons), The National Assembly Service Commission (10 persons), Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (2 persons), Graduate Trainee Program(15 persons).

Drawing a list of Ikon’s humanitarian impaction will be unending as his empowerment spreads across the 3 local governments (Etinan, Nsit Ibom and Nsit Ubuim) that constitute his Federal constituency.
These evolves from vocational training/Enterprise development, educational empowerments, strategic empowerments and many more lives touching programmes.
Sam Ikon’s perspective of the legislature is a clear policy thrust that pursues with missionary zeal to deliver as stated in his manifesto that was presented to the people.

In theoretical and practical analysis on the legislative representation, vocal dispense of intellectuality of Sam Ikon’s in-depth knowledge of cardinal principles in the green chamber ; truth be told, if sentiment and egoism does not overshadow objectivity and capacity, the perspective of legislative leadership as distinctly displayed by the Etinan Federal Constituency lawmaker will remain a long lasting legacy in the political archives, and will be used as  criterion for choice, as we gear towards distinguishing leadership and showmanship in the upcoming 2019 election.

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