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A Note to A’Ibom Commissioner of Police, Mr. Donald Awunah



  • The need to return ASP KAILA USMAN (DCO-3) to Eket Division


Of recent, streaming headlines in print and online media had its pointer to the unceremonious and barbaric activities of criminals in the hideouts of Eket polity. The inventory of these crimes ranging from cultism, gangsterism, armed robbery, etc. is experiencing tremendous growth. Statistics affirms that those murdered from this acts raises the toll to a questionable height, keeping residents with mix feelings of security uncertainty even with the huge presence of security agencies vested with the constitutional mandate of life and properties protection.
Perpetrating this gruesome act by criminal elements on a daily basis created an atmosphere of disaffection in the minds of residents, throwing the once achieved state of utopia in Eket polity into bewilderment and fear of the unknown amid the proactive measures taken to curb this dastardly acts from thriving by the caretaker chairman cum Algon Chairman, Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Frank Archibong.
I will say without any fear of persons that most of these activities ensue as a result of gross negligence and incompetency in the path of the men in security outfits, who by virtue of greed and quest to enrich themselves veer from the tenets that binds the security organization into selfish pursuit, leaving porous the pathway to criminality.
I attempted to find answers to this scary ordeal “criminality” starring Eket in the face and ran into ASP KAILA USMAN, a self-effacing policeman with vast knowledge in policing, then a DCO-3 in the division, but discharges the duties of the even DPO perfectly without any course for nitpick by either the complainant or the accused.
I can remember vividly that one of the promises you made to A’Ibom people on arrival is that you will increase the tempo of good relationship between the police and the public in-line with the policy thrust of the Nigeria Police Force. To me, this is the first step in the right direction as only a fruitful relationship with the public can guarantee first class information and just analysis of police activities.
Sir, the transfer of ASP KAILA USMAN (DCO-3) from Eket Police Division is a reflection of lapses in sincere security information across the Eket polity. I say this because everyone living in Eket can attest to the fact that Usman portrays that identity of a true patriot that debunks lingering rumours of corruptible seed in the police force, thereby re-branding that ill fixed notion about your organization through his unquestionable antecedents.
Everyone residing in Eket to me have tasted the swift response and modern policing prowess exhibited by ASP KAILA. Let me state few to buttress my points. I can remember vividly on the 13th of February, 2017, at about 9pm, coming out of a class I organized for some Mass-Communication students in Heritage Polytechnic, Ikot Udota that ran into the night, I was accosted by a chain of okada riders carrying two persons per bike, and heading towards one direction ‘a close that empties into the forest’. My intuition drove me in the direction of ill happenings on noticing that they were about 200 boys being emptied into the forest.
Since I didn’t have the DPO’s number, I quickly called ASP USMAN, who responded by sending in two hilux filled with armed policemen, I met with this policemen and took them to where the boys had entered. As we approached the area close to the forest, we heard sporadic gunshots from the forest, I overheard one of the policemen talking to a man on phone “sir this boys have guns and are shooting o” before I could decipher what the call was meant for, I heard from the policeman “The DPO says we should leave the scene” and all other policemen accompanied him out of the scene, allowing the nefarious act of cultism that threatens human existence to have a smooth sail that night.
Working pass an angry mob that was hell bent on killing two ill-fated alleged robbers, accused of snatching a mobile phone on a fateful evening along Ikot Udoma road in Eket, I called ASP KAILA and in two minutes I had a response that saved the lives of those two even though they were unruly manhandled. This response, I doubt if anyone can get from the present DPO.
If I was to raise a vox populi to ascertain the positive impact of ASP KAILA Usman in Eket Division and crime busted, investigations that gave positive results, you will know that your decision to fight crime to a standstill in Eket, Kaila is the best head you need for a positive result, which is in tandem with your promise to A’Ibom people of providing a crime free environment.
His transfer at this point in time that Eket needs an intellectual, who is naturally endowed with improvised strategy in crime management, ability to respond swiftly after a pressurized critical analysis, an unbiased judge in obvious issues posses a lot of unanswered questions. I will say that the conspiracy of his transfer is a calculated attempt to swing Eket back to the days that policemen were involved in crime, it is a mutual agreement by those who are threatened by the uncompromised antecedent of ASP KAILA USMAN to send him away so that their disguised crime could flourish uninterruptedly, giving no hoot to the security of lives and properties of the citizens as enshrined in the act that established the police force.
I join many who have felt the vacancy in ASP KAILA USMAN’s transfer, to call on you to please review this sudden exit for the sake of safety of lives and property in Eket Local Government as many who planned his transfer are dancing in the flame of illusion if only you will dig deep to ascertain the veracity of the reasons stated for his transfer.
I will be true to myself even in the hazard of incurring others ridicule than to be false and incur my abhorrence.


Edet Edet is a journalist (resident in Eket)

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