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Beware of Trinity Explicit Synergy Oil and Gas Nigeria Ltd.



  • A story of an attempted fraud


Few Months ago , I made a post on my Facebook Page Concerning destructive Criticism to Government at all levels, The Premiums Time online Media platform was interested in the Story and the story was posted on their site, immediately one Mr Richard Aderemi called and requested to chat with me on whatsapp, I reluctantly gave him my whatsapp number, we started communicating.
He told me that he is a Nigerian currently residing in France and that he has been duped severally by fraudster in the name of giving him approval of what he is looking for, and that he is looking for honest person who will help him in what he wants, upon my curiosity, I found out that he is looking for a way to buy crude oil and sale to the Americans, just as he told me.
Since I’m not working in an oil company, perhaps I told him that I’m a Priest and controversial Speaker, that I’ll make contact with few friends and members of my Church who works there.
At first, I told him to send a proposal to Akwa Ibom State Government Committee on Foreign Direct Investment and other agencies, and he did same.
I helped him to submit the letters, yet no response uptil now perhaps they have discovered that they are not genuine. After a while he sent me another another set of bogus letters from NNPC that I should send it to my member who works at Bonny to confirm those letters if they are authentic, I did same because he forwarded some money to me and the letters were all confirmed to be fake, perhaps it came from his colleagues.
After a long while, of chatting and reasoning, I consulted from one of my member who is a Snr staff in Bonney terminal, he asked me to tell him to write to the Department of Petroleum Resources Eket, Akwa Ibom State, that he will see how he can help him get a link to a company who already have license and he did likewise and the letter was sent from Bonny Terminal and was Received by the Secretary of the Department, Miss Victory Shine. And Mr (Collins) was still on the pipe line to get him connected with either Agip or other licensed Partner of NNPC, since Mr Ade do not have to criteria to get a license.
I’m so surprised to hear Mr Aderemi told me that he has spoken with Mr Bassey Nkanga and he said that the above stamp is fake. In the light of the above, Mr Ade Richard is sending threat to me and is demanding ransom from me, on this note, I’m calling on all to beware of Trinity Explicit Synergy Oil and gas and other fake group scattered throughout the Internet, this is a new method of stealing by tricks.

Rev Richard Peters

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