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PDP’s Reconciliation Stalemate: The Need To Think Out Of The Box  




Jinx Breaker Edet – Eket

There is no doubt that the once formidable Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),after sixteen years of dominating Federal and State governance, is today tilting towards retrogression and possible ill-wind of extermination, resulting from the balkanization that has engulfed the party in recent times.

This balkanization from my viewpoint, wasn’t a brainchild of the opposition All Progressive Party (APC) as acclaimed by the now ousted Markafi’s-led Exco, but a fallout of mediocrity, greed and selfishness, inordinately exhibited by some stakeholders of the party, whose acts and utterances gravitated towards either wheeling the party for self-actualization or, turning it into a tool for vindictiveness.

X-raying the anomalies that had driven the party to its self-inflicted misfortune as exemplified in the abrupt lost in the 2015 general elections and the upheaving impunity in the tussle for leadership, it is certain to state unequivocally, that the myriad problems facing the Peoples Democratic Party are procreations from the deciding factors and components holding the factional structure that has in it; all serving Governors, senators, representatives and few oldies sway.  These factors in the buildup to the 2015 general election, developed a strategy that enveloped those vested with the constitutional right to decide for the party, imposing decisions on them, using Mr. President’s reelection bid as the bane for their action.

To the then President, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, there was nothing one man  could do against the enormous array of the party’s ills; against misery, ignorance , corruption, injustice and violence, so impunity could thrive inasmuch as the party’s targeted success and his second term return is achieved. Thus, the denial, oppression and unfairness was allowed to blossom; candidate’s selection instead of nomination gave an uprising that shook the foundations and pillars that sustained the party’s sixteen years rule. The fragmentation began, Atiku, Amaechi and the others left; New PDP sprang up, Former President Obasanjo tore his party card, many became victim of the party’s cowardice and left the party to swell up the camp of the opposition, PDP lost the election and became the minority.

President Jonathan refused to sacrifice his second term on the altar of fairness and tenets of the party. He allowed partisan intra-party politics becloud his sense of judgement, relinquishing the party that belonged to the people into the hands of those who turned it into a graft for war, intimidation and molestation on the people. In doing this, the party tilted to the brink of precipice. Just to prove that it will collapse, his second term bid was dashed, and then the bubbles of disarray engulfed the party.

It is this thriving impunity that balkanized the Peoples Democratic party, thereby giving room for the third party “APC” as speculated, to clandestinely insert its pull-him-down fingers in perfecting the script playing out today, using the Judiciary as a tool to further thwart the efforts of reconciliation and regrouping the PDP’s formidability, leaving the carcass of the party in a clueless divisive pitch for round-the-clock resuscitation prayers in churches and shrines.

Obviously, to Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff, the judiciary will deliver the bidding of the All Progressive Congress ‘even in the upcoming Supreme Court case’ – so why should he let go knowing he will be sacrificed after the peace deal? – To Sen. Ahmed Markarfi, he is surrounded by sitting Governors, Senators and representatives in the party, why should there be trepidation? But the observatory perspective proves that PDP is immersed in a self-inflicted quagmire, and the only proper thing to do is to think outside the envisaged Supreme Court Judgement in Markafi’s favour.

Should the Supreme Court uphold Ali Modu Sheriff as national chairman, what will be the fate of those representatives on the party’s platform hoping to seek a second term in office? – It will explain convincingly that PDP is dead.

Methinks, there is no need convening reconciliatory meetings in Former President Jonathan’s Otueke village as it will always end in a stalemate, going by the fact that he refused to address the problems of the party when he was vested with constitutional powers to do so.

I beg to think in my sublime mode and passion for my Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, who happened to have been driven to the fore of politics by the PDP’s vehicle, that the future of PDP is shaky and uncertain should our assumptions becomes fruition in the Supreme Court; meaning there must be mechanisms invented to shelter the prospective aggrieved PDP faithful ‘outside the Peoples Democratic party’ or they must clad their pride in subordination to Sheriff’s decisions. Such loyalty to me will only beget backstabbing, untruthfulness and possible outsmarting to suit the sectional definition of politics. But will that really be necessary- faking images in- a-truce encamped in a retrogressing body? That to me is unnecessary, because only a united front can drag a government in recession out of power. But before Sheriff has his way; the likes of Akpabio, Wike, Fayose should wear their politicking thinking cap. They should stop sulking and develop solutions to the problem they created.   I THINK IT’S TIME TO ABANDON SHIP. Not to join the recessive government party, but bring up a merger that will sporadically hold grip of the country’s political ambiance, just like PDP did. My grouse for these thoughts is traceable to all the happenings that have given the Modu Sherriff faction and edge over Markafi’s.

I might be wrong in my thoughts and analysis, but it will not be well if the Makarfi’s don’t have any element of surprise up their sleeves.



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