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Stop this Campaign of Calumny Against Ubuo Ubuo – Okobo Frontiers




A socio – political youth group in Okobo Local Government has warned Mr. Linus Bassey to stop his incessant campaign of calumny against the Caretaker Committee Chairman of Okobo Local Goverment Council, Mr. Ubuo E. Ubuo.

The statement which is conveyed In a communique issued by the National Executive Council of the group, stated that Mr. Ubuo is a man with proven integrity, a Christian who has never sworn any oath of allegiance to any secret cult group or has lured any youth in the polity to join any cult activities.

It could be recalled that sometimes last week, One Mr. Linus Bassey in his piece titled  “The Dakkada Version of Okobo Transition Chairman, Hon. Ubuo E. Ubuo, alleged that Hon. Ubuo is a cultist and has lured about 40 youths in Okobo to join cultism.

The group reacted  that Mr. Linus Bassey is a pseudonym, created for a purpose of political pull him down antics of the opposition, and as such, should not be taken seriously. They noted that Ubuo’s achievements are monumental and trying to ridicule his insertions using blackmail as a tool is the highest height of myopia and blur sense of reasoning of My. Linus.

They however threatened Mr. Linus Bassey ‘if he sure exist’, to tender evidences of Ubuo’s participation in cultism activities or desist from further attacks, as they are willing to challenge any more allegation against Ubuo in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Read Text of Communique Below: 

Re: Dakkada Version of Hon. Ubuo Ubuo, Transition Chairman, Okobo L.G.A.
We have been constrained to respond to the publication with the above mentioned caption, scribbled by one pseudonym, Mr. Linus Bassey. Ordinarily, we won’t have considered reacting to this baseless moves of Pull him down syndrome, but, for the purpose of setting the record straight as well as disabusing the minds of some people who might have been misinformed by the baseless and unfounded allegations peddled by the overzealous Linus Bassey who is seeking cheap recognition and patronage from his unscrupulous paymasters.
It is worthy to note, that the caretaker committee chairman of Okobo, Hon. Ubuo E. Ubuo, has never in his subconscious, thoughts or imaginations sworn any oath of allegiance to any secret cult group, nor has driven or lured any youth through the confines of his office to be initiated into any cult group as propagated by this numskull, Linus Bassey. Ubou is a Christian by religious affiliation, his well defined leadership ethos is in tandem with the Dakkada initiative of the present administration which is geared towards building a new frontier of civilization to the bewildered mindset of the upcoming set of leaders in his polity.
This campaign of calumny orchestrated by the enemies of the Udom’s administration is a deliberate attempt to smear not just the personae of Mr. Ubuo, but to ridicule and sully the soaring image and achievements of the Okobo distinct politician. It is however very ridiculous for anyone to assume that political popularity is earned through cultism or its related activities, neglecting the fact that popularity in the political arena is garnered through life touching initiatives and display of a rare leadership attributes, of which Hon. Ubuo is not found wanting, and begets the love shown him by the youths, women and the entire indigenes of Okobo L.G.A.
The fabricators of this spurious and malicious claims take advantage of the fact that Ubuo is a grassroots based politician with fleet of foot soldiers, admirers and volunteers championing the Udom’s cause always, which the slanderer might have misconstrued to be cultism related base on his archaic perception and non exposure towards civility and leadership trends. It is quite unfortunate that this cheap blackmail has neither changed the confidence and trust bestowed on Ubou by his kinsmen, or changed the mantra of his positive insertions, but has enlightened the supporters of the present administration to note that our enemies are still alive looking for whom to devour.
However, we hasten to add that despite this attempt to desperately diminish the contents of Ubou’s monumental achievements, he remains resolute, focus and in pursuit to leave Okobo a better place than he met. While we intimate our supporters to discountenance the insubstantial concoctions born out of sheer ignorance, myopia and blur sense of reasoning by Mr. Linus Bassey; who does not really exist, we challenge Mr. Bassey to tender evidences, if any to buttress his points or dissuade from further erroneous propaganda against the person of Hon. Ubuo Ubuo, as we will not hesitate to file for libel an defamation of character in a court of competent jurisdiction.
Hon. Monday Esu                                                            Hon. Atansek Imah
National President                                                          National Secretary

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