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Jinx Breaker Edet – Eket

A lot have been spoken of Hon. Frank Archibong even before he was saddled with the leadership mantle to pilot the affairs of Eket Local Government caretaker committee as Chairman; some of commendations, and the other, of criticism. But in reality, the criticisms are trivial compared to the enormous commendations from displayed attributes. A typical Eket man sees Frank as a resuscitator of hope and a builder of dreams. He is known to be a commoner among his contemporaries, whose value for principles supersedes privileges.

From a magnifying point of observation, many in his polity saw the leadership tendencies trending from his school days; those days he willingly sacrifice for his fellows even at the detriment of his wellbeing, just for their satisfaction, which continually  became a part of his daily living till date. Today, Frank Archibong has become a focal platform for the actualization of people’s passion; he has turned the misconstrued part of public service into its genuine essence.

It is so demeaning, disenfranchising the people of their inalienable rights after a rigorous fight to secure the mandate. Many, who have been privileged by virtue of God’s divine providence to be given the mandate, relegates suddenly from scenes they should have tarried and dominated if they had sacrificed greed, selfishness, authoritarianism even their well-being on the altar of services to the people. But the likes of the ALGON Chairman, Mr. Frank Archibong sees the arena of public service as an arena of rewriting history, correcting anomalies and building legacies that must be emulated by posterity.

Frank speaks not privileges but tenets. He appreciates the privileges by keeping the promises that gave him the mandate. What is life when you work for applause instead for a cause? What is life when your absence is not felt as you exit the momentary public office? – Those are the words of Archibong that turns out to be the guide that drives him to be endeared to the people even in the grassroots.

Yes, the renaming of Hon. Frank Archibong, Caretaker Committee Chairman of Eket Local Government/ AlGON Chairman, Akwa Ibom state by the Eket Students Worldwide to “Mr. Empowerment” is the grouse for this piece.

The name which was finagled on Mr. Frank, by the Stakeholder Chairman, Comrade Charles Sam, was born as a child of an in-depth thoughts, deliberations and acceptance by the students due to the obvious strides and leadership ethos displayed by the chairman in the discharge of his saddled responsibility. It was notably that Frank Archibong has worked assiduously to leave Eket a better place than he met. He said Frank sees the future from today as a prophet, and has invested so much in actualizing the dream. “Look at Eket today, the keep Eket clean campaign initiated by the chairman has turned Eket into a serene environment to behold. He does not sale job openings; he has mopped-up  those criminal elements, whose criminal virtues was traceable to idleness, by giving them jobs – this is a keen listener, attending to all irrespective of status or class, and has been proven to be the best shot for Eket Local Government anytime” – Charles said.

Some unfulfilled empowerment insignia, posited on the surface by some persons in public office, has over time ridiculed the word ‘empowerment’ when mentioned in governmental circles. It is known to be that of fish giving so that the loyalty might be intact, but the 21st century politician like the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel and Hon. Frank Archibong are bent on changing the mindset of the people from collecting fishes from politicians in the name of empowerment to building a bedrock for sustainable growth, which is anchored on the Dakkada ideology; teaching men the technicality to create and own a living from their conceiving and knowledge acquired.

Frank is a model of empowerment. His, is not a fluke as miscomprehended. He sees the future from the beginning, and knows what to do and where to invest in at a particular time.

From his remarks, he was so shocked that his insertions were so laudable to be noticed by even the student body. He reaffirmed of his working for a cause and not for applause, which is why he is giving listening ears to the students, graduates and decayed structures. He stated that his priority was to build a workforce that will guarantee the future of Eket people, and if there is no investment in education that means the future will be wavering.

That name Mr. Empowerment befits this square peg in a square hole, Hon. Frank Archibong. He deserves more tweets of applauses for turning ragtag’s into a working force in multinationals. His definition of leadership is in tandem with the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, which says thus “You only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again”. Rather than take things from the people as other politicians do, he selflessly surrenders his all to the people.

Frank as caretaker Chairman is setting the pace for others to follow.



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